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Experiencing weird kind of pain 😔

Hello BCI. I am 23 years old .I am having a weird kind of pain in my right breast for 2 weeks ,almost all of the area is paining (different areas at different times),no specific location is paining, just the bones on the sides of the breast pains more frequently. It feels a little heavier than the other breast. I have checked it for lump but couldn't find anything like that,but the right breast feels denser than the other one (don't know if it was like this earlier or it is a recent phenomenon, never examined my breasts before), nipple and skin look similar like the other breast. My right arm,armpit, neck and shoulder are also paining mildly( no trace of swelling), movement makes the pain worse and rest reduces the pain. The bone below my right breast also paining sometimes. Don't know what to do.

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In case you are worried about cancer, this is not so, don’t worry. These symptoms are fairly common, some women have cyclical (before periods) and some don’t. And since there is no obvious lump, doesn’t look like a cause of concern. For pain and heaviness, you can take an over the counter pain killer. Since the symptoms have been for for two weeks now, it will be best to see your doc once, who can assess and if swelling present, may prescribe some medications accordingly.

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Thanks a lot sir for your answer 😊 It means a lot . I am planning to go to a breast specialist but I will have my period after a few days, do you think I should go to a specialist after the period ends ? Also , can cyclical pain happen to only one breast? My left breast seems fine, doesn't feel heavy and it is paining rarely.


The timing does not matter. Your Breast specialist will examine you, look and assess for any problem signs or cues, take your detailed history, take your family history as well of any cancers if any.

Asses your overall risk and decide to either Counsel and re-assure you ( which is most likely going to happen) or very uncommonly to be on safer side, may decide to investigate this.... if he / she has any doubts.


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