Swelling and Pain in near of the BC treated area

My mother got treated for the breast cancer around 8 years back. She never used a Prosthesis Breast and I was also not much aware about these things. Only recently I got to know these products are available in the market. When I discussed this with my father he said mom is refusing to use any of this kind of product because they didn't fit well.

Than I discussed with my mother to use a prosthesis for her. But she said she can not use it as she is having a little swelling near of the treated area and it also pains lightly, so she avoids wearing the tight cloths. My mom goes for regular check ups as per the doctor's instructions, and everytime she mentioned this to the doctor but doctor is saying "It is fine. May be some air filled inside". She said she discussed this with other similar patients and they also agreed about having the same problem.

Now I am really worried about this. Please suggest me if others are also having same problem and is it safe to use prosthesis in this condition ?

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  • We all have the same problem . I had the problem only after 14 months of treatment but I wear the prosthesis and this helps a lot. Please tell your mom to wear the prosthsis as this really helps. Swelling and pain in the affected area is a common problem. So don't worry all will be well.Best wishes.

  • Thank you rgci13. I really wanted to know about someone's personnel experience. Thank you for sharing yours.

  • Swelling near the treated area, if it has been there for quite some time, should not be a cause for concern. The only concern is, if the swelling has come up recently. In any case, since your oncologist has seen, I don't think there should be a problem. For most patients, who have undergone a breast cancer surgery, there is a little 'flabby' swelling in the hind part of arm pit and is due to fat, and is not a cause of concern.

  • Thank you Sumeet. That was very helpful. I will discuss with my parents again.

    Thanks again.

  • If your mother prefers to not use a prosthesis I would drop the subject. For some women reconstruction is very important. Some find a prosthesis helps them with their self image. Some are comfortable with their body as it is post surgery and prefer to not deal with either of the above as they are more comfortable just adjusting their style of dress. It is a very individual choice. You might want to discuss with your mother why she chooses to not use a prosthesis, but then, if she is comfortable with things as they are, respect her choice. More important is that she continues to go to her regular follow up appointments, and if she feels that the swelling is something new and of concern, that she get a second opinion if she is not comfortable with what her doctor is telling her.


  • Thank you Pkenn. Yes, you may be right, because after following the responses here in the discussion, I again talked to her but she said she is comfertable and she dont need. I will again talk to her delicately after sometime to confirm that she is really comfortable. Regarding appointments, she never missed doctor's appointment, which is very rare now.

    Thanks again.

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