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Hepatic Fixture of colon shows mild thickening and Impression : Colitis

Please explain me the comment "Hepatic Fixture of colon shows mild thickening" and below is my mom's brief diagnosis history

My mom intially diagnosed with Breast cancer in 2011 august, we done surgery at that time and had 6 doses of chemo. After that she had a recurrence(Jan 2017) in same area and we did a PET scan which showed lytic lesion in 2nd and 4th ribs(Max Suv - 4.2), and uptake in left sterni manubrium(suv -3), So went for 30 doses of 3DRT radiation to chest wall and 4 mild doses of chemotherapy.Again we took a PET scan(July 2017) for response assessment which showed results as there is uptake only in left sterni manubrium(max suv -6). As she is ER/PR+ and HER- our oncologist suggested for Hormonal therapy. So for the past two years she was under hormonal therapy and every blood test , xray and usg came fine. Last week (May 10,2018) we went for a PET scan which showed results as " No metabolically active disease present anywhere in whole body survey). I am posting both of pet scan impressions below.

PET SCAN Impression(July 06, 2017) :

Intensely hypermetabolic screlotic lesions in manibrium sterni on the left side(Suv of Max 6) and there is an interval resolution in rib uptake. No definite evidence of metabolically active disease anywhere in whole body survey.

PET SCAN Impression(May 10, 2018)

Skeletal Area :

No Pathological focus of FDG uptake noted in extremities and musculo-skeletal area

Ametabolic Screlotic lesion noted in manibrium sterni on the left side

Final Impression :

No definite evidence of metabolically active disease anywhere in whole body survey

There is an Interval resolution of metabolism in sternum uptake.Suggesting complete metabolic response to therapy.

Recently we had undergone an ultrasound scan which showed below impression

Hepatic Fixture of colon shows mild thickening

Impression : Colitis.

Is this something we need to be worried, is it metastases ? please explain as i am very much upset on this impression

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Hepatic flexure thickening nothing to worry about.


Hello Sumeet Sir,

Many thanks for the response sir. Our Oncologist suggested to do ESR check to confirm is there any inflammation and it showed 32mm (Normal - 30mm) and our gastric doctor suggested to take Sibofix 550 mg for 2 weeks ( starting from 12 dec). Now also my mom told the pain is gradually decreased, Can you please tell how much it will take to disappear and get rid to thickening,, do we need to take any scan further. Please support


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