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Chemo cycle changed to weekly instead of 3 weekly in breast cancer is it good?


My mother is diagnosed with her2 nu+ case & she's undergoing treatment with herceptine+chemo.

After first Chemo given for 21 days cycle doctor chabged to 7 days cycle , n Herceptine is now chaged to Biceltis (Roche-cipla) instead of Canmab (Biocon) . Actually other few oncologist say it is not good to change cycle format. So, please guide me with your opinions.

Thanks in advance.

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7 day cycle is for a drug called Paclitaxel. If your doctor is giving that drug, it’s perfectly fine. Don’t worry.

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Thanks A lot , Doctor actually She is getting Mediotax along with herceptine & most probably it contains Paclitaxel, i need to make it confirm with my Oncologist Doctor.


Whether you have weekly or 3 weekly Paxlitaxel...in terms if efficacy both are equally efficacious.

The tolerance with weekly is much better compared to 3 weekly.

Your Oncologist would have carefully known your mom by now and has given his advice to the best of his experience with some thought and experience

Please stick with your Oncologist and don't confuse yourself...with multiple opinions.

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Thanks a lot doctor, I had only confusion for its effectiveness if it is more or less the same you are right we can continue with the same procedure . Also, Yes patient stay more fit with this weekly cycle. That boosts our strength too. side effects are very less - as good as nothing.


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