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(BC) ER/PR negative and HR2/new positive. Are these chemo -3 FEC Followed by 3 Docetaxel is suitable for patient.6 cycle than do surgery.

Dear Sirs/Madam

My wife ( Age 35 yrs) is suffering from (Invasive Mammary Carcinoma ER/PR negative and HR2/new positive.Ki 67 30%. PET CT whole body Right breast Active lesion,size 2.7 cm and multiple Sub Pectoral and Rt axillary node Positive. Known site of Primary Malignancy. A few metabolically active Lymphadenopathy in ipsilateral axillary-subpectoral regions are likely metastic in nature.

Sir, kindly suggest me, Are these chemo -3 FEC Followed by 3 Docetaxel is suitable for patient.6 cycle than do surgery.

Another oncologist suggest - NACT is way to go forward- - as She is HR2/new Positive Ds. Ideal regimen would be Herceptin Coantaing (TCH) or AC followed by paclitaxel and Herceptin. but herceptin is very costly Around 50 thousand per Cycle ( 6 Cycles ) . so sir, very confused what to do now, between finance issue and patient.

Kindly suggest which option choose for suitable for patient.

Thanks, we are awaiting your kind reply.

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Hello its disturbing to note your wife suffering cancer. Lets wait for our Doctors to see what they suggest

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Thanks for prompt reply, awaiting reply of Doctors


I fully understand your situation. We are with you. As far as opinion is concerned, it is not possible to give any opinions without seeing the patient in detail and understand the tumour location and finer details. So I suggest you must sit with your Oncologist and try to understand the details as to why the chemo first. In case doubts still persist, then best thing would be to take an opinion from another Oncologist in your city.

This is a support group aimed at giving a platform to breast cancer patients or survivors or care givers, to interact with each other. If you face hurdles during treatment, first go through the questions already asked here (you can use search terms to find what you are looking for) and in case they are not addressed, ask here and people here shall help you out.

We wish her all the best for her treatment.

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Thank you, sir,

Actually that time patient's brother told to Doctor about financial issues, so Doctor suggest : chemo -3 FEC Followed by 3 Docetaxel. At present I am not in India recently come back from vacation, and work in Gulf. Please once again suggest which Chemo is better for patient's life. ( 3 FEC FOLLOWED BY 3 DOCETAXEL. OR Herceptin Coantaing (TCH) or AC followed by paclitaxel and Herceptin.


You might want to look at the information on about the different chemo. The site said exactly what Dr. Shah did. Only a doctor who is very familiar with your wife's case would be in a position to advise you about appropriate treatments. A second or even third opinion is very valuable especially if you have received conflicting advice from the two doctors who she has seen.


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