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After care for cancer survivors

I was detected with TNBC in 2016 and my treatment got over the same year. I have tried to move to a healthier lifestyle post the treatment. I wanted guidance on after care for cancer survivors like me since. Is there any medicines (homeo or ayurvedic) that one can go for or anything else in specific. Thanks in advance.

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Eat a healthy, balanced diet, and exercise. Lose weight if you need to. Have your vitamin D and B12 checked, but only take supplements if your counts are low. Work with your doctor to determine the right dose for you if you need either. Don't go by what anyone else takes. Mine were both very low. My doctors checked every three months until we found those doses. It sounds simple, but will do more good than cupboard full of supplements or other medicines unless a doctor determines that you need something else.

MOST important - do self checks for any changes in breast tissue (or any other part of your body), have regular physicals with a doctor, and encourage your friends to do the same! I found my own lump very early and am doing very well 11 years later.


Very well said, Pat!


Thanks. In the last 2 years i've shed more than 12 kgs and eat a healthy and balanced diet. Visits with doctors are regular and nothing unusual till now.

I just get a lil paranoid since my brother had leukemia (ALL) in 2015 which has relapsed again this year. (there's no history of cancer in our family, its just the two of us)


I hope your brother's treatment goes well. I have CLL (in remission) and blood cancers run in my family. Sending lots of positive thoughts his way from California!

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