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16 chemos query


Hi All. What a wonderful forum. I had simply googled why 16 sessions of chemo and this question landed me here. My cousin has been diagnosed with Grade 3 invasive ductal breast cancer. She has been put on a 12 cycle plan starting July. 4 sessions over two months. Then a months break and then continues weekly sessions for 3 months. So in all 16. Though this frightened her and husband as to why and whether this was the right approach. Did explain that these longer intervals and multiple sessions was to reduce toxicity and help the body to recover. And then today I read Dr Sumeet's response to one of the forum member's which explained the whole thing. Thank you it is so important to be in tune with your doctor who is going to treat you and believe and accept that the she is in good hands. I also read the posts on alternate medications and it was such an eye-opener. It helps to explain things to other well wishers who try to get the patient to seek other ways of treatment rather than stick to the original plan of chemo etc.

Thank you team. Will surely connect soon as I would have a plethora of queries on behalf of my cousin and friend.

Just to let you know I too will be seeing the doc for lumps diagnosed in my right breast that have been showing for many years. But this time my ultrasound doctor suggested I get a biopsy done. Lets hope and pray all is well.

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