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Triple negative breast cancer grade3, stage3


I was diagnosed with breast cancer and the lump in the breast is 5cm and two lumps in the nodes so lymph nodes are affected too. I was recommended 6 months of Chemotherapy 4 sessions EC and another 4 sessions Daxtol then surgery and radiology.

There is a slim chance that chemo will work and I am rather anxious to lose the 6 months for nothing.

Could you recommend any alternative treatments and where to get them from. I have been a healthy active person and lived without any medication so far and chemo worries me so much as I will be destroyed by it.

Thank you

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Hello Ranayap - Just consult your Oncologist what he says for chemo. There is no alternate to chemo. Now a days chemo is very well managed by the Doctors and no need to worry. No doubt it is tough but manageable. If you want to live cancer free life - all the treatments are must

Ranayap in reply to kontak

Thank you


What makes you think that 'slim chance' that chemo will work? Chemo works wonders in many patients, ask your Oncologist, he might introduce you to some of his other patients similar to you.

Don't worry much and go for standard treatments. Alternate treatments have no role in treatment of any cancer, except maybe a supportive role, if at all.


I am glad Ranayap you took the pains of registering on this website and post this honest view and give us an opportunity to help you.

Let me re-assure you that you are perfectly on the right track, your oncologist has recommended what is considered as Standard Treatment which is practised Internationally... in US, UK, EU and in India, Mumbai, Delhi etc etc.

Dont mess it up ! will be our sincere advice to you... Believe me we have seen dozens and dozens of rather unfortunate souls deviate with bad outcomes.

You have misconception, that you will be losing 6 months for NOTHING

Chemotherapy in your scenario is anticipated to give you a 13-14% Survival benefit.

The 5 year survival for patient with your sort of cancer is around 54% and at 10 years it is 41%

With Chemotherapy, the outcomes stand (+13%) ~ 67% at 5 years

and (+14%) ~ 55% at 10 years.

These are very rough estimates and of course, with additional information, we could give you a closer estimate, or rather your oncologist can help giving you a probable benefit with Adjuvant Chemotherapy.

All the very Best for your Treatment.

Ranayap in reply to roxboxfox

Thank you so much, I feel more positive and hopeful and trust.

My dear , I also took 4 cycles of AC and 4 of paclitaxel ,

I could cope up very well with my Lord's strength, in fact I was going for work during chemo

You can call me 9901063930

Ranayap in reply to trpl

Thank you so much I will do. Best regards, praying certainly helps too.

My mother had to take 4 major and 12 minor chemos. Positive attitude towards life is must. Although chemo is difficult you need to fight and overcome them. Believe me..I have seen my mom struggling with each cycle of chemo and again getting ready for the next. Just follow all the treatment positively. Goodluck!

Ranayap in reply to SiaK

Thank you, I am certainly more positive and trusting what has been offered to me.


I am happy to see members coming our with very positive attitude and encouraging others to undergo standard treatment, which is the right way forward. This is exactly why this forum was started, to help patients and care Givers interact and to pass on correct information. I sincerely appreciate the efforts of All those who are replying, and offering to help others in need.

Chemo is very important for the cancer treatment. Chemo will reduce the size of cancer ( in other words it will shed the size of the nodes). Chemo has very good chances of eliminating nodes . The procedure for cancer is chemo followed by operation and radiation.

Ranayap in reply to srikanth1234

Thank you for your reply, I hope there will be a good news after the third chemo. 🙏

Hi friend, normally chemo treatment is some what difficult and give lot of side effects but breast cancer it didn't give lot of side effects and easy one. U will do ur routine work during ur chemo time soo don't worry , it'smy experience only. I completed 6 cycles of Chemo, that time my most of my relatives and friends told I am looking so beautiful ☺☺☺

Glad you had a good experience. I am fine to so far. Thank you.


Its been log havent been visiting this forum.Just came across your post and I definitely had to reply.I too was diagnosed last year in June with triple negative BC and completed treatment in January. Chemo surgery and radiation all were included in my treatment regimen too. I too was quite apprehensive about chemotherapy which I thought would do more damage.

But Let me assure you its an important drug and does help to a great extent in killing cancer cells.You will not get destroyed but in fact will be able to be in remission because of it.Jn case of triple negative it also helps in achieving a pathological complete response meaning it responds well .I undertsnad its not a walk in the park but a must cz thr is nothing else on earth to fight cancer cells except chemo.

Hence be patient enough and keep a very strong head.Discuss well with your oncologists and understand the treatment well. Once you get a hang of what's and why's u surely will be in a better position to sync in.

Be determined to get well and time will just fly. My best wishes with you . Do Private message me if thrs anything else you wanted to discuss.

Ranayap in reply to Sango

Hi, thank you for letting me know about your experiences. Would you, if possible, let me know which ones you received? I am now having EC for 4 cycles then taxol, 4 cycles again. I feel better and more positive now as knowing more helped me to understand better and reduced my anxiety. I do not know how to message you privately as I am new with this website but I would be grateful if you let me know how.

Best wishes,

Sango in reply to Ranayap

To PM you need to click on my name and thr will be a option of message.

I was on Docetaxel and Epirubicin 6 cycles.

chandu8542 in reply to Sango

Hi All with TNBC, can you tell me your experiences?

Hi . Anything specific you want to know?

Do DM me with the details ur looking for .



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