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persistant cough

hi, my mother had a mastectomy post chemo and had radiotherapy afterwards. 9-10 months have passed. She had her pet scan in september, 2017 which was all okey. Now she is having dry cough for more than one month. She had fever and cold in december, 2017. Now the cough is persistant. She have no pain but breathlessness to some extent while walking. she often have a low grade fever if she is exhausted. No other changes are there. She have no weight loss. Doctor has suggested pet scan to rule out if there is any problem with lungs. Her blood test reports, memmography and stomach ultrasound are normal. Can you suggest what it can be.

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She needs a scan as advised by your doctor.

If all would need chest Physician to get to the bottom of diagnosis.

If not......Your Oncologist will suggest next step.

Hope all turns well at the end

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Agree with what Dr. Rohit has said. It’s always safer to do a PET and rule out any other problems and then focus on treating it.

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