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Hi, i had a right breast lumpectomy in Jan 2018. The histopatjolohy report shows: infiltrating ducts carcinoma, grade 3. Size of Timothy: 1.5 cms, TNM-pT1c pN1a.

I have been advised tamoxifen and radiotherapy but no chemo.

However, I decided to take a second opinion and the doctor advised me to have the Ki67 test done to rule out chemo and I have the results: between 30-35%.

My first doctor ( he is the one who has treated me and operated on me as well) has categorically stared that I should not do the kI67 test and that I should start radiation. I am scared of chemo so I also think maybe only radiation would be the best option but would like another opinion. Please help

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Please take a second opinion from a good Oncologist.

It is beyond the scope of this forum to give any opinions by reading few lines of histopathology report without seeing the patient, without seeing all other parameters.


Sir, both are respected oncologists. Please let me know what more info from the reports I should provide to know if I shd go with the chemo. I am 48 years old.


Tata Memorial Centre has a very good online opinion system. I think you must try that. You will get genuine and logical answers. Log on to their website:



Thank you so much.


I hope you have been able to get another opinion from a breast specialist! Please don't let your fear of chemo be your reason for making your decision. No one wants to do chemo if it is not necessary, but too many people with all kinds of cancers avoid it when it is the recommended treatment because of fear, and have a poor outcome as a result. I hope you can find a doctor who can give you sound, medically based reasons for adding it or not.


Thank you for your concern. I finally met with a medical oncologist who confirmed that I should go ahead with radiation and no chemo. Very relieved by this.


My breast cancer was DCIS, but no infiltration. I had radiation and no chemo 10 years ago. I was followed very closely for the first 5 years by a breast specialist and still get diagnostic mammograms, rather than the regular ones, but have had no problems. I do think that the careful followup was important.

I think the hardest part of radiation for me was the mental aspect of going every day. Don't worry if it plays on your emotions a bit. A couple of let everything out cries were my best therapy. Just don't stay there. Get it out and move on. You can always come here for moral support. Do be sure to use the recommended creams regularly on the targeted skin area. Keep us posted.



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