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Invasive Ductal Curcinoma Nottingham grade 3

My spouse had breast lump as doctor prescribed FNCC reports shows benign epittital lesion . Doctor advised again need to remove lump from right breast so that lump was removed and Biopsy report showed after 7 days Invasive Ductal carcinoma Nottingham grade 3 . please suggest what to do in this condition . we have one 2 years baby boy . pls suggest and the position whether it is curable or not ?

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Hello. Welcome to our forum. Its disturbing to note that your wife has detected. However, no a days science is progressing a lot. There are 100% chances of curing.

Consult your ONCO - discuss with him. Do as he says - she will require surgery, chemo & radiation.

Definitely she will cure


We understand your apprehension but based on a single report, we just can’t comment anything. Nor can we comment on seeing other reports, since all decisions are made by assessing patient in detail.

We would suggest you to consult your Oncologist. He will do certain tests to assess the stage. And then treat accordingly. We have excellent treatment nowadays, and good results. So don’t worry. Just do as your doctor says. She will be fine soon.


Your GP (doctor who has diagnosed this) will have to refer you to an Oncosurgeon who will organise Basic Blood Tests, mammogram and few other Staging Investigation.

In all likelihood this is an early Breast cancer (but will need confirmation from your doc). You will need Specialist help and explanation by your Oncology Team... as you do understand the limitations of this forum and Internet can give you information, but Google cant treat you.

All the very best to your wife, Please stay focussed on her treatment and support your spouse inwhatever ways possible.

God Bless both of you and your 2 year old angel to overcome this difficult phase in your lives.


Dr Sumeet Shah has already advised go accordingly. Ny wife was also diagnosed similar cancer in June 2014 and after mastectomy chemo and radiation we are back to our normal life. Keep heart and everything is going to be ok


Thanks every one for the support .... We will keep you update further progress .... Is Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai would be the best place for this treatment as we are live in Assam .


Your initial post says the lump was removed. One question to ask is whether the margins were clear of cancer. The answer could affect the decision about how to proceed. I had a very small tumor and lumpectomy, but the margins when the biopsy was done were not clear. I had a second lumpectomy which showed clear margins and sentinel nodes were also clear. The most important thing you can do is to find a breast doctor who you and your wife trust.


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