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I have just joined the forum. I am 36 yrs old and Diagnosed with stage 1 BC just one month ago. Started with my first cycle of chemo. Read lots of posts on advise and stories and really good information. Looking for support and more stories as I go through this journey.

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  • Hello. Welcome to our forum. Sonu be positive, stay strong and blessed. We all have sailed in the same boat. Whats the Er/PR status

  • Hi Kontak... Er is positive and her2 is negative.

  • My first chemo experience was bad for first 10days. I had nausea and stomach upset.. Could hardly eat any thg. Have been advised 6 cycles of TAC

  • Hi Sonu,

    You don't worry, you will soon be fine. You are young and you will eaily be able to shrug off all the minor issues and come out of this a winner. Stay strong, follow your Oncologist, read up relevant posts here, which will give you lots of tips. Keep sharing your journey here. We are with you.

  • Thank you doctor. I had lumpectomy where they removed the tumor and margins are clear according to the report. 2 nodes adjacent to tumor are positive but no axillary nodes impacted. Ki 67 score was high 50%.

    My stomach upset was quite bad. Do subsequent chemo become better or worse?

  • Hi Dr. Sumeet,

    Is increased heart rate like more than 110 common in between cycles. I never felt it but was wearing a fit bit and it shows more than 110. I am 10 days after my 3rd chemo. Is this concern

  • Hi Sonu

    I used to take lemon juice, amla, mosambi juice almost every day during chemo --'-improved immunity, but don't take on empty stomach

    Liberal amount of curds ---good for gut health

    Drink lots of water

    U will be alright soon

  • Thank you. I am heading to second chemo in a week. Will try the juice. Dr gave me Bicilac Forte and that helped stabilize my stomach a bit.

  • Welcome Sonu

    Feel free to call me .


  • Hi,

    You have said that you are ER positive, HER2 negative, that no axillary lymph nodes were affected, and that you had lumpectomy with clear margins.

    In that case the important drug is Tamoxifen, which comes right after chemo therapy, and is taken regularly for 5 - 10 years. It attacks tumors in the body that are ER positive like the original one.

    It is also important to have radiation of the surgical area (after the chemo therapy), when one has- had lumpectomy.

    What was the size of the tumor when removed?

    In some countries they go without chemo therapy in your situation, but since you are young, the rules make the doctor suspect it is aggressive, and therefore chemo therapy.

    Feel free to supply any additional data.

    Kind regards,

    Kaare (from Denmark)

  • Thank you so much Kaare. It is a great support getting information.

    Tumor size was 3.5cm. On the Tamoxifen I have a history of endometrial hyperplasia for which I took 3 months of progesterone to treat and it was gone. I had read somewhere that tamoxifen increases chances of hyperplasia and uterine cancers. Is that true?

  • I didn't know that side effect risk of Tamoxifen, so I google'd it:


    The article shows what I know as common knowledge: If the breast cancer is ER positive, you should definitely take Tamoxifen; or when post-menopausal one of the Aromatase Inhibitors (or shut down ovaries with a drug that does that, thus creating the equivalent of post-menopausal state, and then take aromatase inhibitor). But it is extremely risk reducing to take something that acts on the ER+ nature of the cancer. It is called endocrine treatment - works on reducing the effect of hormones (such as estrogen; ER = Estrogen Receptor).

    - Kaare

  • Thank you. Will talk to my oncologist once my chemo is done.

  • Don't forget the radiation as well ... just in case

  • My report says the stage is pT2N1a. My chemo was adrim+endoxan+ taxotere.

  • Hi there .. It’s a new phase in ur life and you will emerge out to be stronger . Trust me u will love life more now and appreciate smaller happinesses in life😊

    Most side effect can be managed with medicines so pester your oncologists to gv h enough medicines so that your overall health is not impacted. With every chemo the symptoms for

    Stay hydrated and keep drinking loads of fluids and juices . I used to have lot of coconut water mostly as I was on a neutropenia diet ( no raw food). For nausea u could also try amla in any form.

    And one word of advice— pls donot waste your time reading unverified articles from the Internet. It’s if nooooooo use. Just dream about how u will celebrate after your treatment ends 😀

    Keep us posted and all the best !!!

  • Thank you. Yes I am a big foodie and love cooking and only thing I can think is what I will eat post my treatment. He he. 😊

    My stomach is somehow very sensitive to chemo drugs. So being careful on what I eat. I eat one banana.. One pomogranite and one coconut water everyday cumpolsary. Haven't tried Amls yet.

  • Hi Sango, is your treatment complete? Where do you stay in India?

  • Yes my treatment is over.. I stay in Eastern India

  • Great to know you are out of treatment phase. East India. I have never been there but I love to travel and sthg I want to do once I get past this.

    I read your earlier posts and you are a very positive person. I too love getting dressed up and have a big collection of junk jewelry😀

    Message me in case you happen to come to Bangalore.

  • Breastcancer.org is a good resource for information. I agree about not just googling - too much bad information out there.

  • Initially used to read a lot of articles. Now kind of reduced. Reading different books to keep myself busy. Just a few more months to go.

    Any side effects of radiotherapy? Will that be better than chemo?

  • I did not have to have chemo, but did get 28 sessions of radiation. Other than some fatigue - somethings I think more mental than physical - I had no problems. I understand about reading everything we can find initially, but then backing off. breastcancer.org does have information about radiation and possible effects. You can just go to the sections of interest on that site.

    I'm glad that you can see an end in site! I hope that in a few years you will look back on all of this as just another episode of your life.

  • Thanks Pkenn. I still have 3 months to go before radiation. I will read about side effects. Have to complete my chemo regime.

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