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Low WBC count

Hello all, My mom is diagnosed with recurrent BC with mets to sternum and she is under hormonal therapy(Femara). We had a blood test which showed the below findings :

1.Heamoglobin - 11 gms

2.Total Leukocyte count - 4400 Cells/cumm

3. Total platelet count - 150000 cells/cumm

Differential count :

N. Polymorphs - 62%

Lymphocytes - 35%

Eosinophil - 03%

The WBC count seems to be low. The reason behind these is due to hormonal theraphy(femara) or due to any other reasons. Generally she is doing good, no fever as such.please provide your feedback

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Isn`t the WBC count normal and within range. If she is doing fine and no problem, no point pursuing and digging further.

We would be concerned if the WBC count is less than 1000.


Agree with Dr. Rohit. The WBC count is perfectly normal. It is not low. And to let you know, hormonal therapy is not known to cause fall in WBC; we don't track WBC when someone is on hormone therapy. We do it only for patients who are on chemotherapy.


Hello Rohith and Sumeet sir, thanks for your kind feedback


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