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Breast Cancer India
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Need better opinion

My mother diagnosed breast cancer stage 1 surgeon did mestectomy and sent whole breast for laboratory tests. Test had come fine cancer hasn't spread in any lymph node and has finished after this report surgeon refers to oncologist when I met him. He said cancer has finished but it has invasive and also aggressive so we need to do chemotherapy and radiation because to get rid of recurrence of cancer. My mom had started chemotherapy first session yesterday. The first dose is doxorubicin 50mg could you please tell me he has taken right decision. Waiting for replay

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Most patients need chemo and radiation, depending on the nature of tumour and how much it has spread and it's aggressiveness (Lot of factors are considered to judge and plan chemo and radiation). It would not be feasible for us to comment the need or not; your Oncologist is the best person to explain to you in detail the need for same. So don't worry, just follow your Oncologist and your mother will soon be fine. All the best.


Thankx sumeet


It is quite normal to have chemo therapy in that situation. Even if it hasn't spread through the lymph nodes, which is good, then if it was invasive (i.e. has invaded the tissue in the breast) you need some medication to fight it. The things to know and notice are the following:

(1) The receptors:

It is probably ER negative (ER-) and HER negative (HER-) since you do not mention any of the medication that would come in play, if any of these are positive.

If it is ER-, then chemo therapy is a must. It may still be for ER+ in some cases.

(2) The size

(3) Whether it was fixed to a bone etc.

(4) Her age and menopausal status

Normally for a Mastectomy, radiation is not necessary, if the lymph nodes weren't affected. Only of the tumor was in some way "problematic".

Please provide any details, and I shall be happy to help with facts that the doctors also have on the situation.

Kind regards,

Kaare (in Denmark)


Thankx Kaare for your valueable information soon I will attach all the reports to you. But one thing more to ask you when you get free time plz let me know about this my question is . My mum did mastectomy as I mentioned before,she got a lot of pain and taking antibiotics this more main can cause any gland in affected area where she was operated because my mum has little gland near by where she got operated could you please tell me about this .

Regards :

Waqas from Pakistan


She got more pain in her armpit and arm also where she has operated before.


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