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Fibroadenoma in right breast

Hye.. I do not found community that has fibroadenoma.. So i decided to post it here just in case someone from here can help me.. I have two fibroadenoma in my right breast.. Around 1-3 cm.. Have been diagnosed with that problem a years ago and still do not perform any operation. Just afraid because I do not perform any biopsy to confirm it only fibroadenoma.. And now waiting for my appointment which is on 20/8 later.. And i will take a challenge to accept surgery specialist's opinion to remove both fibro in my breast later... Can someone help to confort me... And i want to know more how did u guys found about your cancer... And how its looks like.. Because mine was small, hard, tender, movable but still stick in skin.. Sometimes i feel the itchy in my nipple and aerila area.. My skin is pink.. No changes and still if u not touch the mass, it's still cannot be felt... Help me please... Hope for a better life..

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Do breast self examination regularly after the menses

Do not neglect any mass or changes whether painfull or not. Take doctors opinion immediately

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Thnk hun gor the respond.. Yup.. I will follow doctor advice after this.

Thnk u


Don't worry at all, from what you describe, this clearly looks a fibroadenoma. This does not look like cancer at all. Don't have any apprehension, once your appointment comes, your doctor will guide you whether surgery is needed or not. Once your doc also confirms, this is not a cancer, it will give you relief.

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Hye... Thank you for responding to my post. I feel a little bit more relief right now. But still thinking the negative thing.. Lol... Only the person who still do not know the real thing like me.. Will be worry like this...I will follow up with doctor after this.. And will want to be more brave later... To Face my own problem... Thank you friend.


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