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Is Trastuzumab Emtansine/Kadcyla/Ujvira alone covered under Insurance in India

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Hi my mother was diagnosed with triple positive breast cancer in 2019 and now it metastases to brain.

Doctor advised for Trastuzumab Emtansine/Kadcyla/Ujvira , wanted to know does it cover under Insurance in india.

Earlier when she was under Trastuzumab only for a year and Insurance was denied.

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Hey .. i am on the same boat as you.

We are planning to start with kadcyla.. do you know about any patient programs?

Also my oncologist said he dont have much idea about ujvira?

What your oncologist opinion?

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bga1 in reply to Nikita1806

Hi .. I told my oncologist that insurance company is not approving Trastuzumab so he suggested ujvira which is cheaper and an alternate drug for kadcyla.

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