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I have a metastatic breast cancer and I have completed 6 cycle of chemo with Hertraz 440 inj. Further report awaited. My health is god after 5 days chemo

reaction. I feel some weakness and sometime i do not like to eat as omitting starts.

Either operation or Her ception therapy without chemo wil start/ pl sugest your experience. what will be next. Suggest if any healing institute who can arange programme like yoga, lectures, diet guidence.

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Good to see you tolerated chemo very well. In fact, most patients do tolerate it well. Unfortunately our society is so negative about these treatments that before a patient starts treatment, they have so much wrong information and once they finish, they find it was not as bad as everyOne talks about.

Weakness will surely go and vomiting will also settle, don't worry.

As for centers for yoga and healing, I don't know much. Maybe your Oncologist or other patients who are under treatment with your Oncologist will help you out.


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