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Breast care clinic for post-lumpectomy care

Hello Everyone,

My mother was diagnosed with stage 2a, grade 2 breast cancer last month, and had her lumpectomy on April 27th. 

She has had some post-operation symptoms like swelling, redness, tingling pain etc.. Some of these are I believe, expected, while some may require some extra care or medication. It is a little frustrating to not have access to a breast clinic which might help her understand and better prepare for these consequences. 

Can anyone recommend a good breast clinic in delhi/NCR? I will be very grateful for any help/advice. Keep strong! 



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Since you mention there is swelling and redness, it would be worthwhile showing once to the doctor who operated, to ensure there is nothing wrong. 

As for breast clinic in Delhi, i believe you are looking for an actual offline support group probably. Breast clinics do exist, in many individual hospitals. But you must keep one thing in mind, that if you are looking for some doctor to help you with those symptoms, then the best person actually would be your own doctor. No other doctor will intervene for post surgical symptoms for someone who has been operated by someone else. It is the operating doctor's responsibility to see that the post surgical wound is doing fine. 

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Dear Dr. Sumeet,

Thank you so much for responding. You are absolutely right. I understand why no one else would want to intervene. Thank you again for an excellently made point. 




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