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Affordable breast cancer treatment


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Can anyone throw some light on this? I knew Metformin was useful; however this study also talks about anti-cancer medicine ( what is that)? When is it to be administered? What are Dr. Shah's recommendation?


I ve been hearing a lot about Metronomic chemotherapy from patients and asking me to prescribe it.

This is still just a concept and not been thoroughly tested.

For one to routinely prescribe this treatment and consider this as standard, ideally there should be a randomised trial.

So far I think there are 2 trials.


Over 1086 patients were enrolled in this study. Half were given standard Treatment and the other half were given Metronomic chemotherapy for one year.

Results were disappointing, the overall survival in both groups were bang on 85% each. Metronomic chemo does not save any single life.

The Metronomic chemo surely reduced the risk of relapse in triple negative breast cancer pts, but this was not statistically significant.

This trial was initiated in 2001-2012

It took 11 years to recruit such huge numbers. It's results were reported only in 2015.

More clinical trials are underway, but it's gonna take long time to see this being accepted as STD treatment in the adjuvant setting , and perhaps I would be hesitant to currently recommend it routinely outside the confines of a clinical trial.

Dr Rohit Malde


Thanks for the clarification Rohit. Reduction in chances of a relapse does seem like a step forward though I agree it might be sometime before this would save lives.

There has been a lot of work going on even to come up with a vaccination to prevent cancers but even that as of now seems like will take some more years.


Thanks for sharing this ... however if it helps reduce recurrence in TNBC cases, is it not worth prescribing? Is there any negative side effect to this?


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Good to know that the words "affordable" and "breast cancer treatment" can actually be used in the same sentence together. Hope more research is done in this field to bring affordable care to people.

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