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Help needed regarding chemo port

Hello reshma mam and sumit sir.I need one suggestion from you.My mother had been detected with breast cancer in her right breast 3mnths ago.She has undergone surgery TMAC...now undergoing chemo through port.2 chemos are over.from last few days her left arm is swollen and painful.after USG of the arm it came out to be deep vein thrombosis. Doctors suggested for lmwh injections after every 12 hrs.Is it something serious??.in this case port needs to be removed urgently or we should wait for some time before removing port??please reply..

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I cannot judge the cause of DVT; it needs detailed exam and understanding all reports including the Doppler study of the arm. Let your doctors judge whether port is a cause or not. It may or may not be. Also, we need to see the recanalization after heparin; we need to see is it a small length or a long length. In fact there are quite a few variables to be assessed for the cause and to plan if port to be removed or not. So I suggest you sit with your Oncologist who would be the right person to guide you as to what is happening and what can be future re plans and possibilities.


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