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effects of chemo drugs

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hi ,i finished my chemo on 2ndjuly2014,radiation on aug 26 2014.now i am 4 months pregnant.my worry is what side effects will the chemo drugs have on baby?will there be any congenital defects?i am 39 yrs old.i have done the double marker test,which has come as below risk.waiting for your reply doctor.thanks.

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Pregnancy after cancer treatment is a very contentious issue and every Oncologist has his / her own way of thinking. There are lots of factors that have to be taken into consideration before saying a Yes or a No, including age of the patient, the type of breast cancer, the stage, the chances of recurrence, and many other factors as well. Chemotherapy drugs do not have any effect on the baby AFTER the chemotherapy is completed. You can easily drop that worry. But whether to continue or not, will need your Oncologist's opinion.

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ran_sav in reply to sumeet_shah

thank you for ur reply doctor.my oncologist said that if the chances of congeital defect in normal population is 1 %,in my case it will be 2%.i was worried about effect on baby.after the 1st baby i was on fertility drug for nearly 3-4yrs.i underwent many rounds of IUI.But suddenly was detected of BC.I had completely lost hope.but this pregnancy was unexpected.now i am in dilemma what to do.not able to take any decision.i just wish the baby should be healthy.thanks doctor.waiting for ur advise.

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manish_vkgTeamBCI in reply to ran_sav

Hi ran, i have mix kind of emotions, one side i m happy for u and another side worried...but I don't have any idea about this situation.. God bless you..



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ran_sav in reply to manish_vkg

thanks manish,u can pray for me.thank you

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Congratulation Ran !

Lets get some facts straight.

You finished Chemotherapy in July 2014.

You conceived in Feb 2015 ( there at least a 7 month gap from chemo), which is good.

We normally do advise patients to use necessary precautions to avoid pregnancy for at least 6 months. and at times as Dr Sumeet suggested, a bit longer if your cancer is at high risk.

Pregnancy after cancer treatment is considered safe for both the mother and the baby, and pregnancy does not appear to raise the risk of cancer recurring.

Although many people who have had cancer are concerned their children may be at risk for cancer, research studies show that children born to these individuals do not have a higher than normal risk of getting cancer. The exception is if you have one of the few cancers that are hereditary.


Having a Baby After Cancer: Pregnancy


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ran_sav in reply to roxboxfox

thanks a lot for your reply sir.my mind is at ease now,thank you very much.

Wow !! That's the great NEWS ran_sav.

God bless you.

Thanks Dr Sumeet and rohit.Great knowledge.

Every young patient goes through with this stigma of fertility and pregnancy after cancer treatment.

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ran_sav - a great news. Congrats - now take care of yourself and your baby - a new hope to live

dear ran_sav, i heard of some people conceiving after bc treament. dont worry

thank you friends for your wishes.

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