Breast Cancer India

Hodgkin's Disease

Pet-Ct Impression after 3 Chemotherapy Cycles:

1.Scan doesnot reveal any abnormal hypermetabolic lesion anywhere in the entire torso.

2.Mild Splenomegaly.

3. Only non FDG- avid small nodes noted in the cervical,axillary, mediastinal & abdominal region.

4. No other evidence of metabolically active disease in present whole body scan.

5.Compared to previous PET-CT scan done on 30.1.2015,cervical axillary, mediastinal and abdominal nodes has significantly decreased in number & size. There is evidence of complete metabolic response.

The medical oncologist has suggested to go on with further chemotherapy sessions till the patient resists without any adverse reactions with chemotherapy. But as the patient condition revealing from pet-ct impression is too good after 3 chemo cycle completion, In this context is it good for patient to undergo further chemotherapy cycles or to take a step to stop treatment and be precautionary. Kindly suggest.


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