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The Angelina Effect

With all the health related media venues covering Angelina Jolie's decision regarding her ovarian surgery, also known as bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy (BSO), there can be a lot of unanswered questions regarding decisions related to BRCA mutations.

I'd request anyone in this community to post any queries and doubts here, and having had that surgery last year at the age of 34, I will gladly be a part of this discussion and share my experience with my little group here.

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Please also check this out:


Hi Shikha - here in India also 2 days back many leading newspapers had given the news.


So glad that the awareness and media coverage on this is on the rise :)


Thanks, Shikha. That would be very helpful.

Genetic testing in India is in a very infant stage, but slowly and steadily, it is picking up. And the cost factor has come down tremendously.


hi all happy navratri to all hope this hindu NY bring health and happiness for all us BSO after BRCA gene positivity very pertinent topic of discussion...... how to get the gene test done.... which lab (reliable )to select .......

also is there a preventive vaccination for BC to be given to girls of 16-18 yrs of age


Hi, I already removed my one breast 5 years ago. Now recent got a positive report of BRCA 1. Doctor is suggesting to remove to another breast.

what should I do and is there any other option and how about implant


Dear Payal,

Definitely there are a lot of good cosmetic surgery options. I suggest that you talk to your doctor and request the doc that you would like to have a joint consultation between your operating Surgical Oncologist and a cosmetic surgeon. That way, you will get the best possible options for reconstruction.


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