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Attached report of my Mother , please advice

Attached report of my Mother , please advice


My mother is now treated in RCC Trivandrum for TNBC.

Here by attaching her report.

Treatment : Two cycles of chemo done. She is doing well in blood count and health wise, but she feels that the cyst is getting bigger/not reducing .

Since i am abroad and my father is in the city, Doctors are not explaining him about the treatment in detail. since he may not understand completely.

The latest what doctor said was after some chemo, if it is not reacting then they will change the chemo medicine followed by surgery / radiation.

So can you please advice on what could i ask the doctor based on these reports.

And how is her treatment going ?

And how critical it is ? And what all should i be concerned/know going forward.

Note : Bone Scan looks good as per doctor. No evidence of skeletal metastases.

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my oncologist told triple3 negative is safe. So breate well


Hi abukas, if your mother feeling the growth of cyst then it means chemo is not working for your mother then in that case dr. has to perform few test to check the effectiveness of the chemo...after that he will change the chemo regime sometime it happens and this is good news its not spreading anywhere else...u can call to dr. and ask him in details course of action..sorry to say but if chemo is not working it looks critical but now there is so many chemo which can be given to your dont worry all will be fine...


You must talk to doctor on phone at least (which you can surely do), and ask him the following:

1. What was the initial stage of the cancer?

2. Was the chemo given to reduce the size to facilitate BCS or was it given because it was locally advanced cancer

3. Was a testing done to assess distant metastases? (You mention bone scan was normal, so I assume other tests like either sonography or CT scan will have been done)

4. After a clinical assessment post two cycles by the surgeon, what does the response look like? Is it shrinking? Or do we need to change chemo?

5. What is the future plan, if the chemo responds; and what is the plan if the chemo does not respond.

You can ask these questions and have a clarity of the situation.


Also ask what chemo medication is being given now and what is the stage of her cancer. You must speak to the doctor and get a clarification.


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