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Is it symptoms of cancer or anything else ??


I am having some guilties in whole the body, once I consulted with a doctor .. He said its just because of fat. Nothing to worry about it.

I am having a guilty in right breast since few years. Now I am feeling pain in the right breast sometimes. I want to know is it something serious ... Or its just a guilty in the breast.

I am worried.

Please help me .


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Hi RKumars - Welcome to our forum. I would suggest pl show to some oncologists. Once again to ONCOLOGISTS (Dr who specialises in cancer) & not any other surgeon. This will clear your doubts


Hi kontak, thanks for reply.

Can you please let me know .. How much it cost to incurre the disease in India ??


As for the 'guilties' on your body, since a doctor has seen and advised you that it seems to be fat, there does not seem to be anything to worry about. As for the lump in the breast, it may or may not be related to swelling elsewhere in the body. It would be difficult for us to comment since the most important part of decision is a clinical examination. The best thing to do is to show to a good doctor in your area to clarify your doubts. Though, from what you describe, I feel it should be nothing to worry about.


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