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hi doctor,i am having pain in the breast where chemoport is inserted.the chemoport is not yet removed but i flush it regularly.there is slight pain in the operated breast also.i have done USG,the reports are normal.i have tingling sensation in both hands and legs.i am worried,what is the reason for all these problems?should i go for a pet scan?i had BCS in march,8 chemos finished in july and radiation finished in august.waiting eagerly for reply.thanks in advance

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For the pain in the breast, as long as there are no lumps, usually it is due to various subtle disturbances in the body, like some hormonal changes etc. You need not worry about that. It will settle down. If it doesn't, you can always meet your Oncologist once.

Tingling in hands and feet are the lingering effetcs of chemotherapy. Their treatment is time. Over time, they settle down.

On basis of these symptoms, there is no need for a PET Scan at all. Most decisions in Oncology are based on clinical evaluation, and since I cannot do that, you can just meet your doc when you get time, so that nothing gets missed out.

The symptoms which you have are fairly common and many of my own patients do have that and they do settle down as well.


thanks a lot sir,you have put my mind at ease.thanks again.


Helo Ran Sav

I finished my chemo in October and Radiation in December. I have the similar symptoms in my breast. I have pain at the port side and come and go pain (needle pain) at the surgery site. I have pain in my palm, numbness and tingling sensation in hand fingers. I had a mamo on my right side in November and the report came out normal. I am still on Herceptin as well. When I discussed this with my Oncologist, she indicated that while the surgery is performed lots of nerve endings were affected and that could cause the come and go pain on that site. As Dr. Shaw said the numbness and tingling are side effects of chemo medication. I take mild laser treatment for that to increase the blood supply to those parts so that it does not feel numb. I need to keep my port until August 2015. So it gets flushed once in three weeks, still causes pain and kind of ache and soreness.

It looks like thinks will settle down as the days go by. Hang in there for better will be fine.




If the USG reports are normal there should be no cause for worry although I know that is difficult. Just keep up the regular follow up with your doctor.


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