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Very worried

Hi I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013 had lumpectomy and started chemo for six months the had all lymph nodes out on right arm then had three weeks of radiotherapy in February 2014 had ct scan in May 2014 got results all evidence of cancer gone which I was delighted with but I suffer with terrible burning sensations in my back and just had infection in my breast each time I go to drs or speak to cancer nurse all I get told is it's your treatment you have been through I had over active thyroid to had iodine in May 2014 know thyroid is under active :( all I get is it's your thyroid yet last week found swelling in neck went to drs he thinks it's a toughned muscle yet cancer nurse phoned this am consultant ant wants to see me next week as she saying I am having symptoms another week of worrying since my treatment have burning sesation in throat back my cancer was a hormone cancer I take 20 mg of tomoxifen each day please help xxx

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From what I understand, it is the swelling in the neck that you are bothered about. If the swelling is in the midline, it may be from thyroid. The best way would be for you to consult your oncologist and let her have a look at it. If need be, they may do a sonography as well. And please don't worry. Just ensure you take steps in the right direction


Hi samsam - welcome to the forum - pl share in more details what was your stage of cancer, what was ER, PR, what your age, your health etc - you will receive a guidance from all of the members


Samsam...I know how hollow the words will sound stay positive...but dear u have to strong all are with you...its indeed a tough journey but there are patches that will give u hope and keep u inspired...u are in my prayers...hope all goes well

Hugs Richa


Hi all I am 49 years old I had stage 3 cancer which was a hormone cancer my swelling is on left side if my neck I had lymph nodes removed in December 2013 as cancer had gone to lymph nodes my breast is still sore and under my arm is tender I had iodine in May 2014 for over active thyroid which has know gone under active I take 100 mg thyroxine a day please help xx


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