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Does anybody know about insurance policy for cancer survivor in India and how we can apply?

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I think some breast cancer cases should be come under insurance coverage policies depending on the stage and type of disease.

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As far as my knowledge no cancer patient is coverable under the Insurance policy. I had an insurance which was done before all these happened and fortunately I was reimbursed some amount by the Insurance policy. Once you declare to the Insurance diseases related to cancer, diabetes, heart the Insurance people refuse to take an insurance policy for the same. I don't know if there is any coverance for people detected with cancer.

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imprincess in reply to rgci13

Thanks rgrc!

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Hi Rana, i think rgci is saying correctly...bcu if someone already has cancer/cancer survivor can not take the insurance policy..but technically speaking they suppose to provide insurance policy and this will be treated as per-existing disease so for the same waiting period will be 4 one thing try to take the oriental insurance happy family floater and declare ur condition

Read below

Star Health has developed a plan which seems to be a little more useful - From what I understand, there needs to be a 4-year claim-free period for pre-existing cancer patients before the claims can be covered for cancer.

Yeah!! you are right Manish, it should be declare as pre-existing disease.The link you mentioned is not opening the web, anyways, but I think IRDA should come forward for this cause. I also read somewhere in News paper that someone has plea bargained in court that Cancer patient should be declare as physically handicapped, I do favor him, either it should be declared as or we should consider as medically fit to do the job. Cancer does not mean disease only it also affects our career and dreams.

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kontakTeamBCI in reply to imprincess

Hi , I think govt should take steps to control the prices of medicines and treatments and give subsidy to all patients inspite of any income category. Or for a middle class family one disease and takes the savings of a whole life time

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hi rana, cancer patient can buy start unique health policy this is what i understood from their brochure...kindly download the same from

read the exclusion list on the right hand side of first page..

Thanks Manish!

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Hi rana

If we take any policy for first 4 yrs nothing is covered except accident. Therefore if u want to take the policy take it now atleast we will be secured with future. Fortunately i also had the same since last 10 yrs and thats why it covered but sum assured was comparatively very less. Now i have also increased the sum insured so that i will be more secured may be after 4 yrs.

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But shirdi, I don't think we can take medical insurance policy being a cancer survivor because perhaps we are not said to be medically fit , as cancer comes under non curable disease.So I was searching specially those policies which covers cancer treatment costs of cancer survivor, if unfortunately it comes back. Do you have any idea? Can you tell me what is intellectual property right?

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rana intellectual property means trade marks, patents, copy rights etc

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:) thanks shirdi!! my mistake :).

I am working for IT firm which offers policy for Family members as well.By god grace i have covered my family.They will cover preexisting disease as well ,sum assured 3 lakhs for whole family.

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I will just find out and let you know

thanks sir!

Did any one get any policy after diagnose cancer

Well we cancer survivors will never ever get an fair insurance becoz there is nothing like a good policy or a good budget. No agency including the government will give a single penny at their loss.

Corporate policies taken by employer covers pre- existing diesel including cancer.