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Is any one can guide me regarding herceptine & radiation therapy. as our doctor told herceptine is not require and radiation also not requir

As said by Doctor if we are doing lumpectomy then u need to go for radiation and if we are doing mastectomy then radiation is not require. 10 days back she underwent right MRM and post operative biopsy report say 1/18 nodes.

and doctor said herceptine also not require as she need to take tablets for 5 years.

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Hi loky - pl share the details - what is the age, what was the grade, ER PR status - then you can get a better and proper reply from this forum


She is 52 years old, grade 2 IDC, ER PR +++


Hi lokyblr, in case of mrm generally radiation is not recommended but if 2-5 node found positive then radiation is recommended. ..herceptine is only given if her2 status positive. ..


only one node is positive tats a post operative biopsy report. and her2 also + doc told if you can afford take herceptine or else also ok nothing to worry


When an MRM is done, for tumours less than 5 cm in size and only 1 or 2 nodes positive, Radiation is not needed. I am sure they must have advised chemotherapy.

As for HER2, since it is positive, 3+ I believe, Herceptin would help. You can understand from your oncologist, what are the costs of courses of Herceptin, and then decide. If you feel if fits your budget, well and fine. If not, no worries.

I would prefer to see the whole Histopathology report, to help me guide you properly. What you can do is, send across the report to me by Whatsapp or email and let me have a look at it. After that, you can even call me and I will guide you. You can find my contact details at


After 2 major Dutch trials (82b & 82 c ) & British Columbia study concluded that even patients with 1 - 3 positive nodes benefit from Radiation Therapy ( Chest wall & SCF ) in terms of improved Locoregional control , it has become the standard of care currently . Dr. Sandeep De.


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