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Dear Sumeet sir, I was happy to read about the new herceptin by Biocon but now so many questions are there in my mind so if you think its appropriate to discuss then please answer.Actually, some of my friends are working on cancer cell lines, we discussed, and I'm worried,

1.Biocon herceptin is a biosimiliar, not a original Ab, so the therapeutic range of patients and drug effigacy will be low. Is that?

2.Since it will be sold in low cost, so the patients who don't have receptors for it, for them also it may be prescribed.

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1. Most 'biosimilars' tend to have only slight difference from the original molecule and are considered to be almost as effective as the original molecule. I was discussing this same question, in my meeting with my team a few days ago. I guess, using them should be fine. However, I am waiting for the launch of the drug in market in first week of Feb, and want to read up a few things before I honestly comment on that.

2. Women undergoing treatment for breast cancer, and who do not have receptors for HER2 will not benefit from it at all. So we wont give it to those women who are HER2 negative.


Thanks sir !!


Most biosimilars are similar but not the same, they are twins but not clones of the same drug. I am still skeptical, especially when clinical trials are only performed in India , and how much we as the consumer can trust the results of such trials. I really want to see a study on human subjects comparing the two medications herceptin and canmab, documenting equivalent results as far as survival including short and long term complications.


Truly said Naricare!! Cancer is a long way fight, and it needs strong awareness in India, especially in case of breast cancer. I am also worried for the side effects of new Herceptin.


Hello Dr Sumeet , Looking forward to your feedback on CANMAB Vs Herceptine


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