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Is BRACA Test required


My mother aged around 60 years has been diagnosed with Right CA Breast in Sep 2013 and under gone Mastectomy of Right Breast in October 2013. The Histopathology Report shows pT1cN0. She has been advised 6 cycle of Chemotherapy along with Herceptin (16 cycles) after 3rd Cycle. The 1st 3 cycles of ECF is completed. The 4 th cycle with Herceptin is due in the end of December 2013 and the protocol of the above will be advise by the Dr before 1 week of the Chemotherapy. Sir, Please advise if the above said protocol is O K and at this stage is the BRACA Test is still required and the same can be done during Chemotherapy.

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I believe, your mother's HER2 must be 3+, that's why the Herceptin. The protocol is absolutely fine, please continue with it.

Tell me, does any one else on your mother's side (blood relatives), have breast cancer or ovarian cancer

attuul in reply to sumeet_shah

Dear Sumeet Sir, You are absolutely right. Can we have Biceltis instead of Herceptin, since the same is cheap and will get a GSFC inv free on Biceltis. No other relative on my mother side has been diagnosed with Cancer. Sir, Is the BRACA Test at this point of time is required for my Mother. Please advise.

sumeet_shahAdministrator in reply to attuul

Yeah, you can take Biceltis.

According to standard guidelines, your mother does not need to undergo BRCA testing. Read the following page and others associated with it, it will clarify your thoughts to some extent:

napra in reply to sumeet_shah

visited this site and read the contents. Thank u for the info.By the way I want to know something. My brother's daughter is 29, married and has a kid. She has breastfed the baby for one full year. She has a thyroid malfunction. I wish to know whether she might have the risk factor.

Because, I, the paternal aunt had two different cancers, one was endometrial carcinoma which was of less than one third invasion, and now the ca breast within a year of the first one.

In my previous generation, there was an uncle aged 77, who died of pancreatic cancer.

My daughter is an adopted child (age 21, not married). No clue to her genetic factors. However I have got her immunized for cervical cancer. It was a course of three injections.

what else can be done to protect my niece and daughter? pl advise.

imprincess in reply to napra

Right Napra. I am also surprised that why there is no such awareness about cervical cancer, if we have vaccines for it.

sumeet_shahAdministrator in reply to napra

Hi napra,

All that is needed for your daughter and niece is to 'be aware'. There are two cancers, which can be detected 'early'. By 'early', we mean detecting them before they produce any symptom at all. They are breast caner and cervical cancer. For cervical cancer, a PAP smear every three years, after age of 21 years, is recommended. There are clear cut guidelines, you will get on the net easily. For breast cancer early detection, read the following link, it will be helpful:

You have asked absolutely the right person and he will give you the right advice. Wishing your mother a speedy recovery!

sorry to hear about ur mother.

Pray to god for ur mother. At this stage ur mother needs moral support of family along with treatment and positive approach of all of u and i think u all are already giving

take care

attuul in reply to shirdi

Thanks Shirdi.

All the best for your mother and to you as the care giver.

sorry about ur take good care of her and keep a positive attitude and complete faith in the almighty and the and keep in touch.


Hi attull - its tough time to hear and face such a situation. Take care of your mother and do the best we can in our life for her. All will be fine - just a difficult time now - you will be all out of it. Take care

Thanks all of you, I have the faith in the God with a believe that she will be O K after the therapy.

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