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breast cancer and gall bladder stones

hi every one just need one help if any one could help me.. my mom is a breast cancer patient .. she is suffering from same since 2009 .. she has already been operated ,, now recently she is suffering from gall bladder stone.. she has some pain in her lower abdomen. and also her health is not keeping good kindly can any one tell me where should i take her .. i am from guwahati here there is no good hospital.. earlier she was been treated in tata memorial mumbai

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I suggest you show to a General Surgeon there. Gall stones may or may not be the reason of her pain in the abdomen (cause her pain is in the lower abdomen you say). Any General Surgeon shall be good enough, I am sure you will find one in Guwahati. Gall stone has no relation to breast cancer. However, it may be your assumption, that the pain may be due to gall stone. Let your doctor evaluate and give an opinion.

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I have shown my mom to Dr Subhash Khanna here in guwahati only he is the Chief medical Director and Chief Surgical Consultant at Swagat Endolaparoscopic Surgical research institute he is a Gastroenterologist, he have suggested for an simple gallbladder stone laproscopic operation .. sir is dat ok …


I guess that's absolutely fine


I think forum is good for sharing ideas, etc. There is a forum on FB dedicated to TNBC. Please look at it as well and share your thoughts and questions on that forum as well. Share the FB group with others as well.


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