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Drink lots of water and try all the slurpy delights - those nice yummy popsicles!! Mmmmm

Hello everyone,

I am a 5 year survivor now. But whenever I read about a recent diagnosis of friends here, I feel butterflies in my stomach. But you know, there is a better life after all this is over with. I know time and again we tell each other to stay positive, but rarely do we get to share how.

Let me tell you a few tricks -

-Drink lots of water - It's such a great cleanser!! And it's super cool :)

-Skip in front of the TV because I'd rather have you moving than sulking on a sofa/couch ... move it you all!!! Don't rule out dancing... that is so much fun!

-Best time to cheer up those bitter taste buds... eat ice bars and popsicles.... try all the flavors!!! Mmmmmmmmmm!!

-If you lose your hair... don't worry they'll grow back.... enjoy the baldy heady!! My daughter would love to touch and kiss it and it tickles a lot!!! Hehehehe!!

- Act silly and blame it on your chemo brain .... ;) ;) "Oops... sorry I bought another bag.. I forgot about the one I bought last week. I guess it's my chemo brain."

- Splash your face with cool water.... REFRESHING!

- Stare back directly at whoever makes you feel uncomfortable! It's fun :) HOW DARE THEY!

Those were some of my silly tricks.

You guys should share your's.

Stay healthy and happy friends.


- Shikha

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Hey Shikha these are very good tricks, and I went for mouvies on the third day my chemo before I was given that Pygex injection which would make me downfor the next few days. Of course I took permission of my chemo doc and he said yes only on the third day not within the next 10 days of course. I love watching mouvies and listening to music . Of course my daughter, brother and lots of friends used to come and chat with me during those 10 days. So friends and family members have a great role to play. But Shikha in US things are more advanced but here we have to follow a few restrictions positively. -:).even I really get butterflies when I read on this forum or from elsewhere someone's got the disease . Anyway Shikha am happy to have joined this forum and want all to stay healthy and well. All the best to all my friends..


Hey all

One of the patients from the hospital that I am getting treated at starts her chemo tomorrow...I know what you are talking about....went with her to cut her hair short although for myself I had gotten them shaved off before I started the chemo. I like your suggestions Shikha....all during I moved with a bald head n followed by eyebrows n eyelashless....n yes I would stare back....did any of you put on weight during the chemo...I am at unbelievable proportions. ..so shikha will follow the advise n skip....even if my joints are acting funny

Take care all

Hugs Richa


Hey Richa,

I had put on weight too... but eventually with regular physical activity it went off :)

Eating right and physical activity are important and your doctors will say that too.

Thanks for sharing your experiences guys!!


Hi rgci13,

Going to the movies is great! The most important thing is to do what you like - whether you have cancer or not - Because you are always the same person inside.

Thanks for sharing :)


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