Hello, my mother had a Lumptectomy and now about to undergo her 5th Chemo.. Is eyes getting 'watery' is one of the side effects ?

For her usual check up before the Chemo, the doctor said to perform extra tests this time, for her Thyroid and calcium levels and not for a Ophthalmic check up ... I am just worried is there anything we got to worry about ? or is it a usual side effect of the Chemo? If yes,... it would be great if I could get some tips or suggestions ... Thank you soo much for your continuing support...

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  • Hi fathekhan - better you get her eyes checked too. There is no harm in checking if the eyes are getting watery.

  • I have read in one of the other forums that it might be a sign before the eye-lashes fall off (usually happening after 4th Chemo) and this causes sore-eyes with irritation in the eyes. This might lead to watery eyes. I am not sure how far is this true ..at the same time I wonder why would the Chemo Doc suggested to undergo some more special tests along with the usual tests before the 5th Chemo..

  • As far as my observation goes...eye lashes fall off n there is nothing to remove the irritants from.the eyes...which is the basic function of the eye lashes...so thats why they keep watering...dont worry...nothing is wrong...I have observed this with other people also...it will be fine once the eye lash grow back

    Take care


  • I mean to say that , once the process of falling off eye-lashes starts... they are pushed forward by the upcoming eye-lashes ... during whole of this process, there is potentially irritation, which results in watery eyes .. once the eye-lashes are back, the watery eyes stops.. atleast thats what I have read .. but as I said ... I was just wondering, why would the Doc asks for Thyroid and Calcium tests at this point... when the watery eyes is just a simple problem, which could eventually be stopped by medicating suitable eye drops ..

  • One of the reasons of watery eyes, as you have correctly read, is the falling of eye lashes. But there could be other reasons as well. The climate is too hot, presently, and there could be an allergic factor as well. Also, as long as there is only watering and there is no redness or itchiness, it would not be a major problem. If it doesn't settle in a few days, just take your Mom to an Ophthalmologist and take an opinion.

  • Thanks Doctor Shah... I would also want to ask if this has anything to do with levels of Calcium or Vitamin D ? The Doc here has asked to perform some other tests including Thyroid test etc .. and I was wondering if it makes sense to wait for these reports and then go to the Ophthalmologist ... because an opthalmologist must have to see my mother as a special case because she is a Chemo patient and depending on the drugs what she gets during the Chemo ..

    Would you please recommend any eydrops ... for the case of a Chemo patient ?

    Thanks in advance

  • I do not think the watering of eyes has anything to do with calcium or Vitamin D. We do a Vitamin D test for all cancer patients.

    If you feel, that the watering is less compared to earlier, then there is no harm in waiting and seeing for a while. If you feel it is increasing day by day, then it would be better to consult an Ophthalmologist earlier.

  • Thank You Dr. Shah for your quick response ..

  • hi

    I had this problem of watery eyes and I consulted my ophthalmologiast. it was found out that the fallen eye lashes were stuck in the spots from where they couldn't be washed off by the tears. My eye doctor removed them with some instrument and gave me some simple eye drops. Within 24 hours I had complete relief.

  • Hello Napra... Thank you sooo much for sharing your experience .... makes us feel that we are not alone...

    Regarding eye drops,.. was that a normal one or some special one ? ( I have read that some preservatives free drops are recommended) ...

    Whole hearted regards

  • Should go thro a year of chemo again ? I. Am 49

  • Hi welcome to our forum. Do share us whats the stage of your cancer. What are the reports. You will get all the support from this group

  • I also had the dry eyes during chemo and i was asked to put some lubricant. During summer i had more dry eyes compare to rainy season. I used to was my eyes for many times with plain water and it helped me a lot.

  • Thank you all for your active responses.. It helped her a lot .. Thanks again .. :-)

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