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Stage 1a triple negative breast cancer


I was diagnosed 1 1/2 years ago with stage 0 triple negative DCIS. I had a lumpectomy with sentinel lymph node removal. It turned out to be stage 1a triple negative breast cancer. The tumor was very tiny and my lymph nodes were clear. I also had 20 rounds of radiation treatment. My oncologist told me I didn't need chemotherapy as my type of cancer rarely returns. I have since found out that usually with triple negative breast cancer chemo is usually the standard of care. I questioned my doctor again and she insists I didn't need it. I felt very lucky at first but have a little worry about it. Has anyone else had this diagnosis with my same treatments and no chemo? Thank you

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Hello jackandbox.

I didn’t have your exact diagnosis but I do have two suggestions.

The first and easiest is to contact Macmillan and chat it over with them.

The second is what I did, which was to go to the website of NICE and look to see what their recommendations are. This is a website for professionals and not necessarily easy for us patients to follow, but in my case I found that what I was told by my doctors was exactly what NICE (National institute for health and care excellence) recommended.

I wish you the best - I’m six years since diagnosis now and very well!

Thank you for your advice. I will certainly check it out!

Hi, I was diagnosed 2years ago with ER+ her-2 Neg, stage2a breast cancer, my treatment consisted of 15x radiotherapy and Tamoxifen for 5years, I'm pre- menopausal, I also skipped the Chemotherapy, as I was informed it would not of benefited me, I have heard of triple neg type, and also heard the standard of treatment is Chemo, but your oncologist must know what shes talking about, treatment regime's change all the time, I wouldn't worry about it, think yourself lucky that you could skip that part of treatment, I did. X

jackandbox in reply to Vgrady76

Thank you for your reply. It's very reassuring to me. I was very relived I wouldn't need chemo. But others have told me I should've had it. Ill try not to worry about it anymore!

Vgrady76 in reply to jackandbox

I totally understand your worries, once you have been diagnosed with BC, your anxiety never goes away, I've just had my 2and year mammogram, which was clear, but it never gets easier , like I said I would trust your oncologist, I made some lifestyle changes, I watch what I eat, I dont smoke or drink, I dont eat red meat, because it's got oestrogen in it, and that is what was fuelling my BC, be kind to yourself, if you ever need to talk dont hesitate to private message me, my journey is still ongoing, read my posts, and it will update you .xx

jackandbox in reply to Vgrady76

Thank you

Hi in 2015 I was diagnosed with triple neg stage 2 bordering 3. I had a double mastectomy and lymph node clearance 9 months of chemo and then 25 sessions of radiotherapy. They would not let me return to work due to the level of stress associated to my job and seeing as it is as yet unknown as to what feeds TNBC they feared stress could be a factor so I had to take early retirement. I had residual cancer which is very tiny cancer cells coursing through me after the surgery was performed, hence so much chemo. They still keep a very close eye on me. Thankfully I have an amazing team of doctors. Have you researched TNBC?

Rufusmom in reply to Lainey66

Hello mentioned having "residual cancer." How was that determined and what kind of tests do you get to keep track of the ongoing status? I was diagnosed with Stage 1a breast cancer ER+/HER2- a year ago and had a lumpectomy and radiation (live in US). I've been surprised by how little doctors seem to be able to offer in the way of tests that would show a return of BC or metastasis early, before it becomes harder to treat. Thank you and stay well.

jackandbox in reply to Lainey66

Thank you Lainey!

Thank you. It is like living on a knife edge. It was detected in the tissue that they tested in the lab post op. This resulted in 9 months of chemo and now I have twice yearly bloods to check the cell count. It seems to have levelled out at 30 but 40+ means more treatment. My GP tests due to the fact that there is no medication for TNBC post chemo to assist in warding off the cancer for the 5 to 10 years after. I am on no medication and rely on the bloods. I am aldo very lucky to havd a good GP. Had I been on meds the only bloods I would have would be those at my yearly onco review. Stay safe and well. Easy said but try to distract your focus onto activities you enjoy. As worrying will make you ill. Stay safe and well. E xxx

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