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Breast Cancer Spread to Spine

My mother who is in her 70's in UK had breast cancer in 2007

She had radiopherapy alone and

did not want Chemo as she would only have a 5 % chance of it returning without chemo over the years .

It went into remission in 2009

now 10 years later had pain in back at night and started to walk with a shuffle and needed ti hold onto rails when walking Gps gave her opiods after a few months sent her for CT scan with her Oncologist Gp diagnosed pluerisy took 2 months to get the result said ok just small object in breast no concern waited to be sent for Xray from July up to present no success

Recently admitted to hospital spinal ward as she could not stand lost bladder control. She was told by Hospital doctors will have surgery and a 50% chance of removing the Cancer Tumor now different story new Doctor oncology consultant says she has multiple lesions and cant have surgery .Looks like spread from my original breast cancer remission.All has been discussed with her MDT and this is now where the new decision comes from.Not having surgery i found out makes the prognosis even worse.Would it be of any help to get a second opinion?

Contacted a professor in this field in UK but no emailreply.

Is private treatment an option?

rather than opting for the NHS lottery?

think she had some chemo

had somesuccess in moving legs and toes in hospital been awaiting tranfer to another hospital 12 days now.Her other health issue carotid stroke 1yr ago.

thanks for any help or ideas on treatment .

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I cannot imagine how terrible all this is for you and for your mum. It doesn't sound as if she has had the best care most recently. My experience of the NHS with BC has been of wonderful care but mine was simple. Your mum's case sounds very complicated. Things do seem to change with the cancer treatment journey as they find out more information about the cancer, this can be very upsetting as you get your head around one thing and then it changes. I am sure the drs are trying to do the right thing and the best for your mum but it can be bewildering for the patient and family. There cannot be any harm in getting a second opinion from the NHS or from a private Dr. You need to find someone in the care team you feel you can trust. I wish you both the very best, Caroline xxx

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