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Mammogram and ultrasound today and I'm so frustrated please give me your thoughts!!

Ok so I had my diagnostic mammogram and diagnostic ultra sound today. I'm really upset with the radiologist and wanted to slap him. So he comes in to review my breast lump and wants a biopsy of it. Ok I'm good at this point but then I have to ask him about the one under my arm that I already know is suspicious because they were doing measurements of it and what not. He tells me it's suspicious but that he wants me to wait 6 weeks and have another ultra sound done on it. I tell him no you are already going to do a biopsy of my breast mass that I would like a biopsy of my suspicious lymph node at the same time. My thinking is why make me wait if your doing one anyways. He then says well I changed my mind it's not suspicious. Ok at that point I'm about to beat him. I talk with the nurse navigator and she speaks with him however he will not change his mind in regards to the biopsy of my lymph node unless my surgeon says otherwise. So tomorrow I have my appointment with my surgeon. I also told them that you can't tell me something is suspicious and then change your mind and think I will be ok with it. I will be looking for a second opinion and I'm most certain my surgeon will say the lymph node needs to be biopsied. I also told them I would like a different radiologist to do the biopsy as I do not agree with the one I saw today!! Frustrated to say the least!!

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It is so difficult when you lose faith in the professionals caring for you. Very unsettling that he has "changed his mind". I had USS mammograms stereotactic biopsies all on the same day. Your surgeon will take nodes for biopsy if you have surgery. It isn't until after surgery that you get completely accurate results from the lab. I am pleased to hear you are seeing today and hope you find him supportive. Write down how you felt yesterday and any questions you have and ask for copy letters that will be sent to your GP if you are in UK. Best wishes

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He was certainly insensitive to your plight, and I feel that you are doing the right thing to either request someone else or a second opinion. This is your health, your body and your very plausible worries. I had my biopsy carried out like yourself, but also I had a needle biopsy where fluid was drawn from the centre of the suspicious looking lymph node at the same time. Unfortunately both mine proved to be positive for cancer. I cannot understand why he would leave it as it does not make an ounce of sense and six weeks is a long time to leave something like that. Good luck seeing your oncologist, Make sure you are listened to. Regards, Lainey66


A bit confusing when your stressed out, hope you dont have the forty mile journey to appointments added to this. If you have not been in this position before. Sentinal nodes get a separate dye scan before the surgeons knife, the results your head wants will come later...its a waiting game. Its slower than expected...dip fed information. It reduces sleep and the mind imagines the worst, there is no fast tract back to normality. Yes head needs instant answers but it doesnt happen because time drags in this stress bubble. You also have to ask the right questions to the correct member of the team with expertise. Good luck with the surgeon, take the option you feel most safe with even if you need to digest the choices for a few days. I chose surgery first... Surgeon pushed Chemo...I wasnt ready for that option but surgery suited my head better and I was technically cancer free 12 days later.


Just got done with surgeon and my lymph node will be biopsied also. And I'm getting my medical records from yesterday and it's a BI-RADS 4. My surgeon also found 3 abnormal lymph nodes not just one. That was just with her doing a physical exam.

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Hello there

ooh your post made me cross!! I said, at every appointment I went to "I don't like being touched and I dont like being looked at (unpleasant history regarding my breasts throughout my life from the age of 11) and at every opportunity asked not to be treated by male staff. Even when this wasn't offered as an option.

I also complained twice in writing when I wasn't happy with the quality of the care I received (ultimately changing hospitals even tho there were some members of staff who gave me good care).

I believe complaining is a good thing because you just don't know how many other people have been affected by and or complained about the same thing and without the complaints nothing would change.

My experience was that when I had my first biopsy (by vacuum) the radiographer took it upon herself to do a fine needle aspiration of my lymph at the same time. It strikes me that that's their job.

I'd suggest this rubbish person may well already be under review if he wouldn't do more without someone else's say so. And ultimately this person has subsequently been proved wrong by your surgeon. Perhaps instead of complaining (indeed I would say exactly this) why not try simply writing and asking for an explanation of this behaviour?

As if we don't have enough to get upset over.

When I don't speak out I get all jumbled up inside with, as I see it, frustration and anger at not sticking up for myself. Whatever the response I always felt better after I'd written my letters of complaint.

I'd suggest you are entitled to an apology from the hospital at the very least for such insensitivity along with whatever the reason for waiting 6 weeks proves to be.

Well I feel better now I've got that off my chest!! 😁😁.

Good luck with everything xx

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