Anyone on Anatrazole

Well after my lumpectomy and full axillary node clearance on the 18/04/17, sepsis on the 22/04/17 I thought I was doing well,. No chance. My boob became very swollen and sore and had numerous seromas drained off it. 3 weeks of antibiotics did nothing and I landed back in the operating theatre again and had an abcess removed. Now undergoing packing in the wound and dressing every 2 days. Think I am on the right track, but unfortunately can't have my 3 weeks of radiotherapy until August or until the wound has healed. Consultant wants to start me on Anatrazole now but surely this should start after radiotherapy. Advice please on how this might make me feel and what experiences you have had with this drug. Gentle hugs to you all

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  • Hi I am on anastrozole purely experimental as I am triple negative, It stops your body making estrogen and as such the fluid in joints dry up and become very painful (that is my experience) I stopped taking it after speaking to my consultant and finding out that it would only have a 1, possibility 2% chance of stopping the cancer returning. I am awaiting to see the hand clinic as I believe it had damaged my wrist and thumb joints on my right hand having possibly contributed to the onset of Osteoporosis. I have a dexascan in a months time. I am in a heck of a lot of joint pain at the moment, but sure, it is all par for the course. Please don't take my negative experience as a given that this will happen to you, we all have different reactions to the different meds. Wishing you all the best in your recovery. Elaine xx

  • Although I'm on Tamaxofen, that was started just before Christmas 2013 and my radiotherapy was January 2014, earlier treatment was lumpectomies, no chemo, hope your wound soon heals, sending gentle love and hugs your way xxx

  • Im taking this. Everyone different and some have side effects, some none. I tended to feel hot flushes for first 3 weeks and now I don't will help you if you e +

    It can effect joints and bones and you need decay scan.i was stiff anyways so I don't notice

    Hopefully you will respond well

    Best wishes

  • Should say dexa scan!! X

  • I am on this drug, have been for 2 years now, I was also diagnosed with osteoporosis after dexa scan which was done before I started the drug, so I now take alendronic acid for that also, I haven't really suffered with either drug, bit of stiffness in the evening after I sit down and get up, but I am pretty active, and I think that is really important on this drug, keep moving I walk a lot, work also which is an active job ( school kitchen)

    I take the drug in the evening before I go to bed, heard that helps?

    Good luck xx

  • Thank you everyone. I have had a dexa scan last week, yet to get the results. I am quite an active person, try to walk at least 10,000 steps a day and hopefully this will help with any joint pain I may experience along the way. Everyone seems to react differently to this drug and the only thing I can do is to give it a try. Big gentle cyber hugs to everyone.

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