Recall after 2 nd mammogram


I am hopefully overreacting but i have recieved a recall letter asking me to go for further tests after my second routine mammogram . I am in total shock bouncing from im sure there is nothing wrong to omg ive got breast cancer . I dont know how i am going to get through week i cant think of anything else now

It just never occoured to me ,no lumps , i have no family history , never took hrt or pill .

My appointment is on friday 2 week after the initail mammagram , what can i expect ?

I admire each and everyone of you telling your stories and the positivity shown on here x

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  • This is my story, first mammogram in my life Sept 2013 ten days or so later back for further investigation, at this time, like you, I'm sure there's nothing wrong, no lumps or bumps, no reason to even visit GP, further investigation, which the leaflet that came with the appt said would take about an hour, for me was 3 hrs, at the end I was shocked, crying and I asked the doctor if I had breast cancer, her reply, no but you've got something very very suspicious, ten days later I was diagnosed, this was at the end of September on a Thursday morning, with lumpectomies the following Wednesday. I didn't have chemo, just 3 weeks radiotherapy in January, although I'm still on tamoxifen oncology discharged me in March 2014, exactly 6 months after the day of my first mammogram, my journey was 3 September 2013 - 3 March 2014, although I'm down for a review next year. Also, mammogram in 2014/15/16 have been clear, I sincerely hope it's not bad news for you on Friday, I'll be thinking of you xxxxxx

  • Thanks for replying .. So glad everying ok for you now .

    Im a massive overreacter ☺️

    I have not told anyone yet except my husband .

    I will just be glad when fri

    here and i know what if anything im dealing with

  • Try and occupy your mind as difficult as it will be. Throw yourself into work, hobbies, housework etc. It isn't easy at all. I wish you all the luck in the world and I hope that it is not bad news but just a routine second check to rule out and queries. Keeping you in my thoughts and sending positive wishes. Lainey xxx

  • You are obviously concerned, BUT the majority of recalls are all ok, even then if they need a biopsy, the majority of them are all ok, so please don't panic, statistics are on your side xx

  • My friend has just gone through pretty much all of that and went on to have a biopsy and found put last week she has 2 benign lumps with no further treatment necessary at the moment so dont meet trouble half way. Every single story is unique. The wait in all these things is the worst. Xx

  • Thanks for your kind replys and yes i know its more than likely not bc and i feel alot calmer this morning but its just there in my head ...roll on Friday x

  • Hi Misty

    Just to point out that the majority of people on this site do have breast cancer so our answers when you look through here may fill you with such horror, but a mammogram recall is still very unlikely to result in a breast cancer diagnosis - I have breast cancer and my sister was recalled a few weeks ago after hers, given that both me and my mum have had breast cancer ( but no gene connection) we were all so anxious - it turned out to be a small cyst with no further treatment required. I think the procedure itself varies a little depending on where you live , but is generally a further mammogram (more detailed)! and possibly an ultrasound and possibly a biopsy of some kind if any suspicious lump is found .

    As you already know the chances are it is not breast cancer , but if it is you are now in the system and the disease is very treatable nowadays - it's not easy but it's treatable. So just take one day at a time , keep busy and keep away from google !

    Hopefully your stay on this site will be very short and you get good news , but if you do find yourself back here you will get lots of advice and support

    Jo xxx

  • Try not to worry I know it's hard but sometimes you can get yourself do worked up and then find the news isn't as bad as you thought. I hope it isn't fingers crossed

  • Thanks , ive just had a call can i go tomorrow , i bit there hand off 😂 . So hopefully by tomorrow teatime i will be reporting back that yes i am a drama queen and all clear x

  • Good luck for tomorrow, as others have stated for all call backs the majority are fine but at least you'll soon know the verdict xxx

  • Good luck tomorrow, whatever the result stay as postive as possible. It was a big shock for me when I was diagnosed in 2010 but I'm still here enjoying life, and if there is a problem is best to get it dealt with as soon as posible.

  • Hi Matty123

    Sorry to hear you've had a recall, it takes the floor from under you that's for sure. A few years ago I had a recall but it turned out it was a faulty machine & they couldn't read the Mammogram!

    Two years ago following a clear routine Mammogram two months earlier, I found a lump & my GP sent me to the Breast Unit for more tests.

    You can probably expect to see a Consultant who'll explain what the Mammogram has shown, then they may do an Ultra Sound & possibly a biopsy to give them more information.

    Truly, the Unknown is much scarier than the facts as then you know what you are up against (if anything) & you'll be given a plan of action.

    Try & take someone with you if possible, they may be on their own much of the time as they take you through in the Unit & they have a very efficient system of you being seen/scanned/biopsied but they can go through with you to see the Consultant with the results so far.

    Be prepared for a longish session, I was there three hours for my first appointment & I was told it was Breast Cancer on the day but l went back on the Friday with my husband to get the results of the biopsy & the treatment plan.

    Try & keep away from Dr Google for now, you don't know anything yet & there are so many variables you'll just confuse yourself if you do.

    I've just read your being seen tomorrow so that's great you're not having to wait until Friday!

    Wear a top & trousers as they put you in a very fetching gown after the first Consultation & then you wear it until you've had your various tests.

    I remember being fascinated about how everyone's gown fitted! Tall, Short, Fat, Thin it's amazing how you can distract yourself! I then discovered on a subsequent visit they come in various sizes!

    We'll all be thinking of you tomorrow 🍀 let us know the outcome, you'll find a lot of support & help here.

    Best Wishes 💐

    Mrs N xx

  • Thank you so much for all replys

    It is the not knowing thats the worst .

    They said it will be a. 3 hr appointment , my husband coming with me

    I will post tomorrow with outcome hopefully good news x

  • Best of luck. Will be thinking of you. I'm glad someone is going with you. When i was recalled 5 years ago, I went alone as in my mind these things don't happen to me. I was floored when it was confirmed I did indeed have BC. Five years later I still attend my oncologist every 6 months and surgeon yearly. But I don't have cancer now. Xx

  • All the best for today, take plenty to drink, read etc and some snacks, crackers etc, I felt sick when I was recalled and in hindsight should have ate something whilst there as felt light headed, also went on my own which was even sillier!

    I wasn't a member on here though so no fab advice,

    take care,

    Nix x

  • Well its not good news but could be worse , i had another mammogram on left breast then a ultrasound with consultantant who showed me on screen a white area which she said are calcifactions and she was concerned she was going to do a vacuum assisted biopsy and refer me straight to my local hospital before results then i was in system . I had six biopsys taken and a metal clip put in to mark area for future referance . Afterwards breast cancer nurse spoke to me and husband explained wot had been done and said even though results would take a week the consutant was very suspicious of area and thats why i had been referred straight to hospital instead of coming back to clinic for results x

  • Hi Marty,

    Been thinking about you all day and wondering how you'd faired.

    Is not good but hopefully caught nice and early...

    Imagine you're shattered and a bit sore it's all very draining so look after yourself.

    I had calcifications they were spotted on my annual mammogram but also a tumour near my nipple (which was hidden so hard to see on mammogram but bright as a button on MRI).

    Keep popping on here if you need to chat or have any questions (I found the Macmillan forum fab and the breast cancer care one too).

    Is scary but when you finally know what you have a weird calmness comes over you and things become a bit clearer and easier to deal with.

    Big hugs 💐

    Nix x

  • Hi Matty

    As you say it's not good news but you are straight into the system now, don't be alarmed if they ring you with your appointments, they often do this to make sure it's convenient for you. I had the calcifications also along side my main tumour & had biopsies on them also.

    You'll get much more information at your next appointment. Until you know exactly what your dealing with don't google too much, a very good Website is Breast Cancer Care which you may find helpful.

    We'll all be thinking of you & wishing all the best 💐

    Take Care

    Mrs N xx

  • Hi Matty

    Sorry to hear it's not good mews I remember when I first had my news I was denying it and wouldn't accept it. I asked for retests and they did them for me but the news was the same the only thing I went on my own thought I be able to handle it. I am glad you weren't on your own and it's been caught early

  • Sorry *Matty fat finger typing! X

  • If it is cancerous you have been entered into the system and it will be all systems go in order to eradicate it. Stay strong and as positive as you can, that will help you get through. Sending you all the luck and positivity in the world. Lainey xx

  • Keep strong I've just had my second mamagrame & had to go back in because there was something not right on my good side, it was the second worse time of our life, it was just skin folded over on the inside. Good luck 💖

  • Hi all well the results are in , i have dcis which is what they saw on mammogram but biopsys have also shown an invasive cancer outside milk ducts . I should see surgeon end of weekto find next plan .

    Im gutted xx

  • Keep strong you can do this, the earlier they get it the better it is. 😘💞

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