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Hi, my friend has recently told me she has breast cancer and will soon be having mastectomy and reconstruction surgery. I want to make up a basket of useful gifts for her to take with her when she goes into hospital but I'm at a loss as to what to include. Can any of you ladies who have been through surgery already give me any suggestions please

Many thanks

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  • Hello Butterfly that is so kind of you!

    I found the following website extremely helpful, it includes gift packs for mastectomy:

    Your friend is lucky to have you do this for her, well done 👍🏻😊.

    Wishing her all the best xx

  • Hi Butterfly, you sound like a fantastic friend, another website is, I wish your friend and yourself well x

  • Bio oil...I delayed buying mine as its quite expensive, now see scars improving. Healthy hoof for nails and Creams for chemo. Lindt chocolate treats, magazines, and a good destress cd for now to help with shock. Just being there and visiting, when their semi housebound, visitors to raise your spirits can be so helpful, or a short trip out. Every thing is tiring for months, even visitors take small steps. You will think of something good that suites.

  • Make sure she has a small cushion, it really helps under the arm, in bed and between the seat belt, my hospital gave me one but my beautiful daughter in law made me one which was so sweet and caring. She is lucky to have you as a friend


  • Very thoughtful of you. has a section for chemo gifts. All lovely, useful gifts.

  • Depends how much you want to spend! I appreciated baby wipes, aloe Vera gel, a cushion/pillow. Someone gave me a v shaped one which was great. Mags/books, wash mitt, soft towel , products with my name on, pen and notebook, small change for the WRVS trolley, dry shampoo, power pack for the mobile phone, thin shawl ....... what a lovely friend you are. Good luck for your friend too.

  • Most of this is for post surgery. The best for me wasn't a gift you buy. My mom came every day and leaned my litter box and washed my dishes , any of those little hose work things I wasn't up to doing. Also good is gift cards for places that deliver or just having someone bring something they made. For in the hospital my favorite was a battery operated fan. I think one of the pain meds made me really hot. I love oatmeal lotion because I would also get super itchy. Her favorite lip balm, mine got so dry. If she likes anything for on her head like a scarf, bandana or hat. In the beginning I was in so much pain I couldn't do my hair. A lot of this will also come in handy if she does treatments too. Oh and something to carry the dreaded drains. I had aprons from Home Depot but I am sure you could come up with something better. Hope some of this helps you. She is lucky to have such a great friend.

  • My cousin bought me an adult colouring booking of swear words - for passing time during chemo - best gift ever, although not right for everyone of course.

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