Hi I had Bi lateral Breast Cancer in 2012, I had Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy Herceptin and Letrozole. I had clear margins on Grade 3 tumours, one lymph node had Micro cell on which they said didn't count.

I have had a pain in my hip and they are sending me for a bone scan, I have thinning bone in hip joint, but I am so scared it is cancer in my bones, I already had a nervous breakdown last year and I don't want another one. I just wondered if someone had the same experience.

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  • Sending good luck love and hugs for a successful outcome xxxxx.

  • Thank you so much for your support xx

  • Dear Haydon, I'm praying clear scans for you, in Jesus's Name. May you feel His Peace, Comfort and Strength.

  • Thankyou so much for your prayers xx

  • Hon Haydon2012, I had a bilaterally mastectomy on 5th Jan 2016. I had chemo before and after as I had total lymph node removal on the left but had residual cancer so more chemo and radiotherapy but unfortunately I am triple neg so no meds. I go to each review feeling ill with nerves. At the moment they are every three months. I have awful bone pain in my right wrist, hand and fore arm. I had an X-ray and this showed nothing however, I am awaiting a dexascan as they think my bones are thinning and want to rule out osteoarthritis. I can totally understand how you feel, we are effectively living on a knife edge. I recommend that you seek the support of your local cancer support services and try to take up a hobby that you enjoy. I paint, read, meet pals for coffee, and I spend as much of my time doing things love including spending time with my family. Try not to worry too much, stress can feed cancer cells so stay as relaxed as you can. Look up spa breaks and those who specialise in treatments for cancer patients. It will help take away tension. Sending you hugs and positive vibes. Lainey xxx

  • Thankyou for your lovely words and inspiration xx

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