Radiotherapy delayed - stressed out!

Morning everyone, my first post in the group, because I feel like I need some help today :( Diagnosed last July with IDC grade 3 in breast and lymphs. Chemo first then surgery. Turned out after MX that it was stage 2 or 3 (why they couldn't be exact I don't know!). 3/16 lymphs removed still had cancer after chemo treatment so onco STRONGLY recommended radiotherapy. After surgery I developed a serona which disappeared after a few weeks, but also developed extensive cording. Couldn't get my arm into the radiotherapy position so it was delayed for 2 weeks in order that I could have some (really painful) emergency physioT. Now that I can raise my arm, the machine is broken so it is delayed again. With the delayed start, and the break in treatments (I've had 2 of 15 so far and 2 sessions cancelled) I am feeling quite tearful. Maybe it will be fixed tomorrow so I will be back on track, but I am worried about the effectiveness of the "stop/starty" and delayed radiotherapy. Anyone else experienced this? Would welcome some feedback. It's been 10 weeks since the surgery. Hate this waiting :(

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  • You poor thing, this is the last thing you need right now, I'm sure the radiologists are aware of your situation, and if they feel you need any more radiotherapy sessions than those scheduled for you, I'm sure they'll fit you in, i hope its all resolved soon for you and I wish you well xx

  • Thanks Jennymary, just had a bath so feeling a bit better x

  • Hi

    I was diagnosed with IDC grade 3 and like you chemo then mastectomy, I still had 15 sessions of radiotherapy even though nodes were clear and I had 10 weeks between surgery and radiotherapy. It's a relief after surgery and I think we get so used to having something to worry about that (if your anything like me!), you find something else that eats away at you. I've resigned myself(for the most part) to not stress about the things outside of my control, feeling angry or upset is more draining mentally and physically than most other emotions so be kind to yourself and just go with the flow. Your team of docs etc...have gotten you this far, they wont just watch you fall at the last hurdle.

    Best wishes for the continuation of your treatment x

  • Cazlav, that's good advice thank you. You're right - it's draining!! So today I will be kind to myself with a magazine, some chocolate and wine!!! Roll on wine o'clock!

  • wine o'clock will be here soon......(anytime is wine o'clock by the way). Your 'delayed' sessions will be added on to your treatment so worry not about that. You've been through so much so just remember how far you have come and stay strong.

    This isn't an easy journey for any of us but we are all here for you and there's always someone around so never feel you're on your own.

    stay strong and enjoy that wine!! :-)

    Blue x

  • Thanks Blue, found out it's cancelled today and also on Monday. They are talking about sending me to Southampton. (I'm currently treated in Basingstoke). Suppose I can always combine that with a shopping trip. Am almost back to looking on the bright side.... trying my best anyway. Thanks for your words of encouragement x

  • Hi Caroline

    I was sorry to read your message. You are having a really tough time. No wonder you are feeling tearful and worried. I hope radiotherapy gets back on track quickly now. I love your spirit - bit of retail therapy in Soton as a bonus. Good luck. Caroline xxx

  • Thanks Caroline, nurse said on Saturday that onco wasn't overly concerned, so I'm forcing myself to believe her. It's definitely less stressful to choose that belief than think of the alternatives. Helps that it was a nice sunny day today too. :)

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