Pre-op before reconstruction

Hello all

Today i had pre op assessment before my reconstruction friday, amongst all the usual questions I was asked whether I am currently taking any vitamins, homeopathic remedies etc...I do take a daily dose of vitamin D and liquid magnesium as this helps with fatigue, I mentioned that I do take these and was glad I did as I was told to stop taking them until after op as the anaesthetic could potentially mix with any of these things and have an undesirable effect. This might be well known practice but not to me as only ever had 1 previous op (mastectomy), so thought I'd mention on here in case it helps anyone. xx

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  • All good info shared is great cazlav

    Good Luck for the Surgery 🍀 on Friday

    Mrs N 😘

  • Hi Cazlav yes indeed many thanks for sharing.

    Will be thinking of you Friday, wishing you the best.


  • Good luck.xx hope all goes well.

  • Take care and thanks very much all helpful to share xxx

  • good luck with surgery I have mine for end of march so this information helps me. thanks you xx

  • Good luck for Friday xxx

  • Good luck will be thinking of you x

  • Hi cazlav, hope today's surgery went well and you're not in too much pain/discomfort, and you're pleased with the final results when you're all healed xxxxx

  • Hi cazlav 💐

    Hope everything went well today.

    Love Mrs N 🌺

  • Thats interesting. I went for my pre op assessment before my reconstruction (DIEP) last Thursday. I take daily vitamin D so it came up. I was told to continue taking it!!! I was told to stop taking ramiprimil the night before surgery (afraid bc treatment affected my heart ). I have had two ops and was not told to stop takeing vit D on either occasion. I wonder why you have.......

  • Sometimes Surgeons ask for certain Meds to be stopped, I was told to stop BP Meds & MXT (Methotrexate) by my Surgeon but Pharmacist said l didn't need too! But then said to be guided by Surgeon!

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