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Tnbc vs Clinical trial

Hi all, my name is sue aged 39 and was diagnosed 06/11/15. I am currently doing a clinical trial for triple negative breast cancer and it's going well so far

Nearly half way through chemo and awaiting op when chemo is done

Anybody else TN? Or doing any trials. Trying to decide if I want reconstruction or not at the mo decisions decisions🤔🤔🤔

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Hi there! No trial for me as I'm not BRACA but TNBC. What trial are you on? Is it the PARP inhibitor?

Hope all goes well for you. I'm mid chemo and pre surgery too wondering what to do re: reconstruction too.


Hi Kirmy

It is the parp inhibitor one I'm BRACA clear too

Re operation bit it's so much to take in all the different things they can do I just don't want em start pulling muscles out my back and then years down the line have trouble lifting and stuff as I start to degenerate lol

I guess I'll just see how it goes when I'm referred back to breast clinic and actually see what my options really are

Hope all goes well for you too Hun

Just keep crossing the chemo's off

tc 😊


Wow you're lucky I was turfed off the PARP inhibitor study because I wasn't BRACA. Where are you based? In the UK?

Yeh I made an appointment with a plastic surgeon outside of the Breast team ( reconstructive specialist) to field my options. Still don't know which way to go on it.


Yeah Kimmy I'm uk Stoke on Trent.....

Mmmm strange then that I wonder why in either of our cases🤔


Hi Sue,my name is Mary Rose,I'm also TNBC,diagnosed in Jan 2013,lumpectomy'chemo and radiotherapy.Cancer spread to sternum and right lung since Jan this year.I'm back in chemo ,can you tell me what clinical trial you are on,my Oncologist tells me there is none yet,thanks


Hi Mary Rose the name of the trial I'm on is the brightness trial

Although not sure if it's used on metastatic but should be able to tell you on the site

Hope it helps Hun


Thanks Samros for reply,but unfortunately its not for me,only for early stage TNBC,so I will just keep hoping


Hi ladies.i had my surgery b4 chemo.my surgeon talked me through reconstruction and we came to the decision to have skin saving reconstruction during mastectomy. It meant I wasn't using skin from my back or stomach so less wounds to heal.i really wasn't sure what to do at the time but now 8 months down the line I am so glad I did

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Wow Ciara that great glad all went well and yeah it's all the faffing with other bits o aren't too keen on

I'll see what they suggest when I get referred back to clinic my tumour is in a awkward place reconstruction wise nipple area top and top left area so not sure how they'll get round it

Thanx for you input it all helps and good luck with the future

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Hi :) I have triple negative breast cancer. I was diagnosed on the 2nd October 2015. I had three sessions of T & C chemo before it was stopped due to the affects it had on me (anaphylaxis and Neutropenic) I had Double Mastectomy on the 5 th Jan 2016. Unfortunately the tumors had not responded to the Chemotherapy. I am now being treated for the possibility of residual cancer cells and am starting the 'red devil' chemo next Tuesday. I will then have radiotherapy and CMF chemo. I opted not to go for reconstruction myself. I am finding living a flat life ok. I can always go for surgery later on if I get the urge to put myself through more discomfort lol. However I can't really see that happening. Good luck with your surgery and decision making. I just want rid of any possible rogue cells now. xx


That sucks lainey, hope everything goes well with👹 And thanx for your thoughts on reconstruction


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