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rapid access breast clinic appointment

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hi all

I’m struggling a little as last week I found a lump in one of my breasts, saw a nurse a couple days later who made the rapid access clinic appointment and I now have this appointment this coming Wednesday. Keep getting emotional about what this may mean although trying to keep positive.

Just wondering what to expect. I’ve never even had a mammogram before as belive they don’t routinely do these till over 50 and read they are quite uncomfortable. Also heard there might be an ultrasound. What else is likely to happen. Will I know on the day if it is cancer? I mean can they tell from the mammogram or ultrasound there and then if it’s a sinister result?

Sorry for the daft questions. Don’t really have anyone to talk to about this.

thanks anyone who takes the time to read/respond.

7 Replies
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Hello Blowblow. From the clinical point of view, all the right things are being done. What actually happens in your area about procedures are unknown - each area does things a different way. They might or might not tell you.Ultrasound isn’t painful - mammogram is just uncomfortable for thirty seconds.

What you could do tomorrow is phone MacMillan. They are knowledgeable and know what you are going through.

Lastly, you have my absolute sympathy as this is very hard to take, I know, But MacMillan can reassure you.

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Hello Blowblow

You are in the right hands and it is great to see they are acting so quickly. Try not to panic.

I was in your situation six years ago. I advise you to take someone with you if you can, for moral support but also to take notes if necessary of what they say.

Mammograms yes are uncomfortable, they can be a bit painful because the machine presses down quite firmly. They will tell you which handles to hold etc.

The ultrasound might be to do the biopsy, in which case they will use a special implement to take samples from the lump while being guided by the ultrasound wand. This can be a bit painful but it is momentary. They will give you local anaesthetic beforehand.

For me, the worst was the needle biopsy. No anaesthetic and I wasn't expecting it! Again though, it didn't last long.

In my case I waited at the hospital for the results of the needle biopsy (took about an hour) which confirmed it was cancer. The u/s biopsy took longer and gave much more information (type of cancer). It was good to get started on getting my head round it straight away.

There are lots of support services as well, you will get lots of help if it does turn out to be anything serious. One step at a time!

All the very best to you. X

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Hi Blowblow, the person, normally a consultant, who perform the usltrasound and needle biopsy generally have some clue already while doing ultrasound and they will tell you if sinister is suspected.

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Happyrosie in reply to RWGR

not in my case!!

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Hi there, just wanted to add with the mammo it can be a little uncomfortable but you're talking a few seconds so please don't worry. They will err on the side of caution so if they do what's called a punch biopsy when they do your ultrasound that does NOT mean you have breast cancer. They'll give you a local anaesthetic and if it is hurting you a bit tell them and ask for more local, they will want you to feel comfortable and will understand that you're apprehensive. Contrary to what the previous poster said it is not always a consultant doing the ultrasound it can be a dr or sometimes a radiographer on the hospital's breast team. And it is most definitely not the norm to tell a patient they have cancer or that what is being seen could be sinister. It's one step at a time. I really understand it's nerve wracking but statistically your lump is more likely not to be cancer. Let them do what they need to do at the hospital and try not to read anything into the situation. Deep breathes and one step at a time. If it is cancer as another poster said there is so much support out there and every day more and more treatments.

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Happyrosie in reply to scarlet12

yes I had to wait more than a week before the result of the biopsy.

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thankyou everyone for your posts and kind words.

I am relieved to say that my lump turned out to be a large cyst and the doctor doing the ultrasound drained it there and then. It was amazing that she then asked me to touch where the very prominent lump had been and it had disappeared. Very relieved but also felt a little stupid as had imagined the worse! They reassured me I did the right thing as there was a new lump that obviously needed investigating.

Oh just to add I hated the mammogram it was an intense feeling that as you’ve all said was over in seconds, at least I’ve had one now though and will know what to expect for when I have another.

I wish everyone in this forum good health and happiness and thankyou again for your replies.

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