Hi my name is Susan and I'm 51 yrs old

I got diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in sept 2014 just after my 50th I had lumpectomy in October with lymph node removal which was clear followed by another operation 4 weeks later as they didn't get the margin clearance ,after that i was told I was her2 positive and would have to have chemo which I started in Jan 2015 had 6 cycles then in July had 20 sessions of radiotherapy and also on 18 heceptin injections every 3 weeks only got 3 more to go , I had my yearly mammogram in November 2015 and was told to come back in a year I still get loads of pain and was wondering if this is normal as doctors say it is but people I know who we're having same as me feel fine now so I get very worried when I still get pain would love to here other people's stories I'm still so scared

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  • Hey there :) I can understand how you feel. I had a bilateral mastectomy 7weeks ago. Having already had chemo. Unfortunately it was found that tumours had not responded to chemo and residual cells were found. I have triple negative breast cancer and chemo has to start all over again In a weeks time. Then radiotherapy with further chemo. I am hoping to be cancer free before my 50th this year. Although I'm.being treated for residual cancer cells and technically I am cancer free and this aggressive treatment is 'just in case' every twinge I feel I think its gone to my bones. I have also suffered nightmares. But mind over matter is not easy, however we have no choice. Take care and explain your fears to your cancer nurse or GP xx good luck

  • Hi lainey66.. I am going through Same situation..I had two chemos in December 2015 and jan16 with 21 days gap but tumour didn't respond then doctor planned for I weekly chemos followed by radiation, today 2chemos and 10 radiation are over but still tumour is not shrunk...

  • Goodness I am sorry to hear that there were residual cells and glad you are cancer free - even if technically!! You are right there is no choice but to keep going. I wish you the very best of luck into the future and thanks again for your support Bernxx

  • Hi well done to you 😉, I think we all feel scared what ever operation , or has happened , just take every day at a time , and time is a healer mentally and physically ! I'm five years remission , lumpectomy ! Was in a lot of pain for six months after opp...take care KATE x

  • Hi Susan I had mastectomy on my left and lump on my right breast with lymph nodes removed in April 14 I had 4 A/C then 12 Taxol, with 33 radiotherapy, finished Feb 15, My right breast still pains me and yes all I can think is it coming back, I am due my second mamograme in April so I try to stay positive and keep my mind occupied, I am the same age as you will be 52 in July, take care

  • I finished my treatment (lumpectomy then 15 radio) mid January and since then have had a few aches and pains in my breast which has sent me into a panic and I'm a nurse! I had to put my nurses hat on to talk sense into myself and understand that it's likely to be tissue moving and realigning itself plus scar tissue stretching. But it is a scary time because you're on your own with nobody checking it daily and I hadn't expected to feel like that. However it does get better and you learn to get used to your body again. Keep going, you'll be fine.

  • Hi i had lumpectomy nov14 followed by 2nd op to clear margine and2 lymph nodes removed clear followed by radiotherapy 23 sessions i was still having pain unto 9 months later Surgeon told me its nerve endings knitting together .the tingling pains now gone but even now still tender in op area hope this makes you feel better good luck x

  • Hi Susan just read your post I went through the same as you 10 yrs ago my nodes and margins were clear and not her2 so no chemo for me so can't tell you anything of what to expect but I can relate to the rest the pain and numbness is part of the healing and it does subside it's natural to feel worried but you need to get your head right don't let it beat you stay positive and stay strong . My armpit still numb and occasionally get stinging sore feeling in upper arm and breast but it passes you just have to get on with living your life .I've been on pills for nearly 10 yrs tamoxifen for 2 then a different one beginning with A that's slipped my mind(lol) plus alendronic acid and adcal now back on tamoxifen for 3 years finishing later this year . I have osteoporosis in my hip and lower spine but no problem and no pain I still work full time in retail I wish you all the best ...this is just a blip ...it's up to you to move past this GO GIRL !!!!

  • My time frame is similar to yours and yes I still have pain, I think it's the way it will be from what other patients say x

  • Hi there, I was dx in May 2011 with what I worked out was stage 3c (they told me they don't stage any more), invasive lobular Gr 2, hormone positive, 4 tumours in left breast, one 5CM, 11/12 lymph nodes affected. I was told I was 'high risk' and had a poor prognosis - what a thing to live with!

    Now nearly 5 years later I am doing great, no relapses/recurrence.

    My biggest challenge, despite various scans, checks, rounds of surgery for reconstruction and prophylactic mastectomy and recon on the other side, has been mental health. You can't do it alone, whatever you do - church/prayer (if you're religious), counselling and other talking therapies, yoga/pilates classes, acupuncture - I am a massive believer in the power of community and personal support to heal. Reach out for others because loneliness, isolation and anxiety feed fear. Anxiety is useful in small doses - because it is a reminder that you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but every day you need to give yourself a time to worry (preferably early in the day) and then put it down and get on with your life.

    Light daily exercise is important and of course plenty of fresh fruit and veggies, along with a few supplements (I take multi-vits, black raspberry, broccoli sprouts, fish oil and super greens).

    Best of luck. x

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