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Anyone out there with triple negative breast cancer, I have finished all my treatment, chemo, 2 wide local excisions and 15 session of radiotherapy. How is everyone, I for one have not had a proper explanation of TNBC, it's a case of getting on with life and put the rest somewhere in the back of your mind. I am doing well, but seem to have a bad head everyday, I also have lymphodema.

How's everyone out there!

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Hi Tracy

I was diagnosed with triple negative 2013 July had the works ,lumpectomy,chemo,radiotherapy ,at first the triple negative diagnosis was all I could think about and it coming back but it's no good living like that it's wasted stress

I'm glad you are doing well

I'm good taken a long time to feel well again you think you are then a few months later realise you weren't as fit as you thought

My friend a triple neg survivor ,over 10 years,!!! has lymphodema and she had massages by specialist team so that may help

As for the head could be hormones and the menopause, or stress you've been through it, I'm sure it will get better just be kind to yourself

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I am not worried about the triple negative side of it, I have a lymphodema nurse, I wear a sleeve for work, I just think life is to short so live it! I hope to start jogging as soon as weather picks up.

Stay well Nicholjac, good to chat xx 💗


Hi, I'm TNBC. finished all treatment in Nov 15. Back to work and feel fine. Just the fear gets to you sometimes but you have to stay positive and just get on with life. I do follow the TNBC Foundation and Cancer Active. Some really good info on both sites. Stay well. 😘

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