Go for your Mammograms

Go for your Mammograms

I was diagnosed with stage 3 invasive ductile breast cancer on Dec 13, 2013. I had chemo from Jan 15 2014 til May 29th 2014. I had my dbl mastectomy in June of 2014 and finished 6 weeks of Radiation in September 2014. I missed 2 of my mammograms. .please go to every single yearly exam...I also had cysts in my breasts felt a lump and bout let this one go to long because I thought it was just another cyst....but I was wrong ...it was growing too fast ...please learn from me

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  • I really hope you are doing well now. Excellent advice which I would encourage anyone reading this to follow.

    I faithfully went to every mammogram appointment for years. Unfortunately, I had a bout of depression and put a load of weight on (some of which caused by thyroid issues). I felt too ashamed to go to my appointment and undress in front of health professionals......blooming stupid I know. When called for the next mammogram I was obviously thinking more clearly and attended. I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I am a three year survivor but have now got osteoporosis mainly due to the Letrozole. My next decision is whether to take the biphospates which can have awful side effects or try to improve my bones naturally and stop the Letrozole. I am still so relieved I attended that mammogram appointment or I doubt I would be here now.

    Anyway, well done to you. I wish you all the best in the future. Your advice is the best that could be given and I just wanted to give you my support.

  • Oh Kathyrec my heart goes out to out, but I agree with Firecrest that its worth going for, my cancer was picked up on my first ever mammogram that I only went for due to receiving a letter in the post, no lumps, bumps feeling poorly, but had I not gone I wouldn't be putting this reply on, love and hugs to everyone struggling with their cancer/treatment xxx

  • Thank you so very very very much

  • Hi Kathyrec

    I too was diagnosed with grade 3 ductal invasive carcinoma but last July at 34.

    I've had 6 rounds of chemo FEC-T, and a single mastectomy with implant reconstruction, still on going as have expander first to stretch muscle, skin to accommodate implant. I am starting radiotherapy Thursday, 15 sessions and I'm on herceptin injections until October and tamoxifen tablets for 10 years.

    Having breast cancer has changed my view on everything which is a cliche I know! I took life for granted before, always putting things off til another day, never wanting to climb outside my bubble, now when I contemplate doing things I.e. joining the gym by myself, talking to another mum in the playground that I've never spoken to before, small things that put me outside my comfort zone before, I now just think..what's the worst that's going to happen? And then go for it x

  • What was your symptoms of ductile cancer xx

  • I just felt the lump which I thought was a cyst. ..it was growing too rapidly though to be a cyst ...my husband rolled over one night and felt it ...that's how big and fast it was growing ...borderline stage 4....they also took 17 lymph nodes. ...11 came back as cancerous

  • When in doubt get checked out....please

  • I had a thickening of the breast tissue rather than a lump, above my nipple, in the upper quadrant of my breast and when I went to breast clinic they asked whether my nipple had always pointed more to the right, I hadn't even noticed!

  • My thoughts and prayers are with you. Yes it changes you completely. ..now I enjoy life more. I'm blessed

  • I have just read all the replies to Kathyrecs' post and I think you are all an amazing bunch of women! The support and genuine care out there from complete strangers is wonderful. Of course I endorse everything you all say.

    I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014, had had my regular mammograms but found the cancer myself. It did not show up on the mammogram despite being 5.4cms.

    So self examination is still the most important thing we can do and must continue to do even if we have had a mastectomy!!!

    Good luck to everyone 😘

  • God bless you ...

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