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Newly diagnosed with three different cancers in breast

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I had my first ever breast screening three weeks ago. I have been told I have :

1. A grade 2 invasive ductol cancer

2. Ductol cocnona in situ

3. Armpit anolla reg (I think)

I am not sure I have spelt 2 and 3 correctly as the doctor writing is not quite lejiable.

I have been told I need to have a removal of the left breast in about 3-4 weeks.

I opted for reconstruction at the same time from my belly fat.

I feel perfectly well so having a hard time dealing with this. Has anyone else experienced this.

I don't know what to do and I am so scared.

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Hello Shazmill. When you have a diagnosis of breast cancer it is very hard to take in.

You probably have a breast cancer nurse so she will be available to talk to you. The charity Macmillan have several booklets which are very helpful - please do get hold of these and read them.I had a similar diagnosis to you. I had a mastectomy, then chemotherapy then radiotherapy. Here I am alive and kicking six and a half years later. It is a life-changing event, to be sure, but you can and will get through it.

Keep us posted!

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shazmill in reply to Happyrosie

Did you have any systoms?

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Happyrosie in reply to shazmill

Well, no. I had a pain in left breast, with some redness = infection. Saw my own doc, he agreed infection and gave antibiotics. As I was leaving his room he said “I think I’ll refer you to breast clinic, you will have an appointment within two weeks”. I did, and saw a breast specialist who thoroughly examined me both sides then said everything was fine, but we will have a mammogram just to make sure.It turned out that the mammogram found a large, satsuma sized, tumour in the OTHER breast. It was too deep to be felt. I had had a routine mammogram one year before, nothing there. It grows so quickly.

If I had not had the pain in the other breast it would not have been found and I would certainly have been dead within a year or two.

I felt God was looking after me.

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shazmill in reply to Happyrosie

Seems me to

Hi Shazmill, very sorry to hear your diagnosis, but good to know you are getting rapid treatment. Not sure if helps, but I think;

1. is "invasive ductal carcinoma", grade 2 means it is an early stage of the cancer

2. is "ductal carcinoma in situ", an even earlier stage and not always cancerous

3. I'm not sure what this means, however lymphatic nodes connected to the breast exist in the armpits.

Hope this helps a bit. Wishing you all the best.

Thank you. Glad you could clear up some things for me

Just like you, my breast cancer was found by screening. 2 big lumps and some in armpit none of which I ever felt. That was in 2014. Mastectomy and removal of all lymph nodes in armpit, chemo, radiotherapy and a drug called herceptin.......reconstruction a few yrs ago.....yes it changes your life and the way you think about things but I’m still here enjoying life! Start a diary....write how you feel and treatments, tests, scans etc in it. I have found this really helpful. When you look back in the months and years you will be amazed at how far you have come.

My very best wishes to you. Treatment is brilliant these days and the breast care nurses are there to help and support you. This site is also very supportive. Big huge hugs at this scary time...that feeling will lessen, I promise.


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shazmill in reply to Clyde12

Tanks so much

Ductal carcinoma in situ, the cancer is in and will have originated in a duct. The invasive bit refers to surrounding breast tissue of the duct having been found to have cancer in also.

The armpit will refer to lymph nodes or sentinel node which may have had a positive biopsy for cancer.

This will all be one of the same cancer, just in 3 different areas. Started in a duct and spread to healthier surrounding tissue and node(s).

Hope this helps x

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shazmill in reply to cazlav

Thanks it clears up a lot of things

I am really sorry to hear of your diagnosis, its really tough coming to terms with all this. My situation was not as complex as yours but i did get through it. The treatment journey is long amd you will have complicated emotions. The most important thing is to be kind to yourself and dont be afraid to ask for help. I wish you the very best with the treatment. Hugs to you. xx

Thank you

Sorry to hear your diagnosis, like you I didn’t take it all in,and I didn’t ask to many questions,my attitude is they know what they are doing, and I had to trust them, and my treatment programme started very quickly,I had reconstruction with implant, which has since be replaced, about a year ago I was going to have the implant taken out,it lasted 5 years, before becoming impacted, it was like sleeping on a tennis ball, and have reconstruction from tummy fat, but covid struck, so I just changed it, I wish I’d done what your doing and had it all done at the same time, it’s a long operation, you just need a good back up team, prepare easy meals and freeze them, anything to make your life easier, and a shoulder bag or your drains, and big knickers, got to hold everything in place.It’s a very frightening time, its all about the the unknown,

The breast care teams, are brilliant, write down any questions you think of, as you’ll forget when you get there. Good luck, I hope all goes well, as I found this group very helpful, and could answer my question, and explain their own experiences. Take care, and stay safe, this is a lot to take in with Covid as well.xx

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shazmill in reply to Parker1438

Thanks so much. I had lypth nodes removed on Thursday and was difficult enough. It's nice to know people hav been through this and are ok

Hello Shazmill You will be shocked and trying to come to terms with the diagnosis understandably . I hope this finds you less anxious after reading replies from other ladies, who are further down the road .

My own diagnosis was in 2018 and yes I felt I collided with a bus. Stage 3 large tumour plus a second different smaller one .

Surgery was done quickly with no time to reflect then Chemo for 6 months . Yes it was a big personal challenge but it’s 2 and a half years on and so far so good.

I travelled to my home land Auckland to escape from covid over winter and I’ll return after having a vaccine next month .

You will very likely do well and recover after treatment and enjoy life again so don’t worry too much ; you are in very competent hands and soon you’ll be able to put this behind you .

Love from Denise x

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shazmill in reply to Denizt

Thank you

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