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Un explained Breast Pain

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I am writing this on behalf of my wife.

She has had a pain in the upper inner right quadrant of the breast for the last 2 years. When this first came up she had an appointment at our local hospital and received a bilateral mammogram and all was normal. There was no focal lesion seen. The radiologist felt there was no need for a ultrasound.

For example she complains of pain: if she lifts her right arm above her head, quick walking, going over road bumps in the car, using the hover, washing the right breast, general things that involve the use of the right arm with a swinging or lifting motion.

Her previous mammogram showed no change to that performed on this occasion.

She is 59, has had one child 27 years ago and menopaused at the age of 49, no hrt.

She has tried heavy duty sports bra’s which do help, but do not resolve the problem. Also co codamol, paracetamol and ibuprofen do nothing to relive the symptoms.

Just looking for ideas of what to do next, or others with the same problem and how they resolved it.

Thank you.

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Hi Robert, I just think you need to explore what’s causing it. The lightest may be over exertion. A different form of scan of the complained area may tell?

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RobertCLL in reply to RWGR

RWGRThank you for the reply. We can identify nothing specific that is the root cause. Would a CT Scan be the next course of action.

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RWGR in reply to RobertCLL

Hi Robert, I would think so. Or even pet ct, which is very often used to diagnose or stage cancer.

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RWGR in reply to RWGR

There is a small amount of radiation, but the assurance we are after will be worth it. It may be nothing. Good to know though.

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RobertCLL in reply to RWGR

Thank you again.

Hi Robert. I’m not a doctor but unless I read something incorrectly all mammograms came back negative? My concern is my right breast situation began this way 3 years ago. Mammograms picked nothing up. I would suggest a CT scan. Have her primary care physician order it so you can have insurance cover it. I would strongly suggest she doesn’t continue to “suck it up” if she has that much pain. Something seems a tad amiss. Praying !

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